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The Gallery at Chapin    

In 1997, the empty atrium outside of Chapin's newly completed gymnasium inspired Sue Cook, a Lawrenceville artist, photographer and parent at Chapin, to think creatively about that space.  She envisioned an art gallery that would bring together artists and students.  It did not take her long to share that vision with others at Chapin.  She brought that dream into reality, resulting in the gallery.  Ms. Cook became the Gallery's first curator as well as its founder.

The Gallery at Chapin has already hosted a wide variety of artists from painters, to weavers, to woodworkers, to photographers, to digital artists.  The artists bring a dozen or more works for display lasting about a month.  A reception open to the public, held from 5 - 7 p.m., kicks off the exhibition.  Later the artist will return to speak with several art classes.  During these artists' talks, the artists get to explain his/her work and perform demonstrations, and students get a chance to ask questions.  There are no real limits on these talks other than time, and any question is fair game.  The students display an intense curiosity in the artists and their work, and will often come back later to look at the work and think further about it.

Tours can be arranged during regular school hours by calling the gallery managaer, Sharon Gomberg at 609-924-7206.

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