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CBS Philly Mobile Weather Watcher comes to Chapin School Princeton

The Annual 8th Grade Lunch...

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For the first time in its history, Chapin School Princeton competed in the OASIS Solar Jam Solar Car competition. The 4th annual competition, run by Andrew Lloyd of Princeton Day School drew 60 participants from Princeton Day School, Stuart Country Day, Chapin School, Hopewell Valley Regional Schools, and Cedar Hill Prep.

The Chapin students began building their solar cars in April in the Solar Car Club run by Academic Technologist Pauline DiMaiuta  and Lower School Head Shana Lindsey. The students ran in heats of three for the elimination to the final eight. The outstanding results for Chapin’s team include:
3rd place: Peter Merk, 3rd grade Chapin
2nd place: Anderson Taylor, 3rd grade Chapin
1st place: Jayden Davis, 3rd grade
Chapin OVERALL WINNER in BOTH divisions (3-8): Jayden Davis!
This was a team effort and the sportsmanship was fantastic! Chapin is so proud of their work, dedication, and support of each other.


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Chapin School Princeton Graduates Ready for the Next Step

Chapin Graduates Are Inspired, Confident, and Ready.

Our soon-to-be graduates are inspiring. They are articulate, confident, courageous, and passionate. Their time at Chapin has prepared them well.  Of the 42 students applying to secondary schools this year, they have a total of 103 choices, including admission to the following esteemed schools:

  • Phillips Exeter Academy
  • Beaver Country Day, Chestnut Hill, MA
  • The Dalton School, NYC
  • The Hun School
  • Lawrenceville School
  • Notre Dame
  • Peddie School
  • The Pennington School
  • Princeton Day School
  • Sonoma Country Day Santa Rosa, CA
  • Blair Academy
  • George School

Congratulations to the amazing Chapin School Class of 2017.  We are proud of your successes, and we celebrate what good people you are. Chapin remains always in your corner as you set out on the journey to achieve your dreams and to make a difference in this world. 


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Chapin Announces The Margaret A. Wilby School for Early Learning

Explore, Build, Laugh, Learn...

The Margaret A. Wilby School for Early Learning encourages children to build out their curiosity and to wonder at the world around them. We give children the right strategies and the right road map to reach their highest potential in a safe, nurturing environment.  
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Chapin School Princeton Student wins awards at the First Robotics World Championship!

Chapin School Princeton Student wins awards at the First Robotics World Championship!

Anushka Chintamaneni and her team excelled at the First Robotics World championship at St. Louis last week, winning the Judges Award for "STEM INSPIRATION" (one of six Judges Awards presented). They placed 9th in "Robot Run" against 103 teams from across the world. Congratulations to Anushka  for all the hard work and dedication it takes to achieve such heights in the competitive world of team robotics!

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Chapin School Princeton Students Win S.T.E.A.M. Awards

Chapin School Princeton Students Win S.T.E.A.M. Awards

Chapin Scientists are Inspired, Confident, and Ready.

Aria Sangha, Kathy Cao, and Lily Tsahalis

Chapin's seventh grade students won four awards at the recent Mercer County Science & Engineering Fair. Their intensive research and dedication to the process of scientific experimentation showed in their intriguing and challenging projects.

Congratulations to:

Kathy Cao - Honorable Mention for "The Effects of Temperature on Paper Chromatography of Ink"

Lily Tsahalis - Outstanding Achievement for "It's Too Loud"

Aria Sangha -  3rd place Theobald Smith Society Microbiology Award and Meritorious Achievement for "The Five Second Rule”

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Check this box if you're a good person...

Leading a Good Life, and Chapin's Five Virtues

The New York Times published a very popular, and very wonderful, essay about college applicant's journey, and how being a good person was the most important element of their application. While it was truly poignant, it was also no surprise to the families of Chapin School Princeton, where Character Education and our Five Virtues are intrinsic element of everything we do. Read more about it here:

A school exists to teach reading, writing, math, science, history -- just the big subjects, right? What kids need for high school and college.  Right?  Yes, of course, we do all of that. Every elementary school does.  Every middle school does. We are a private school with both, so we have an even greater opportunity. It is our mission and our passion to teach all of these in rigorous and innovative ways.

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Laurie Berkner is Coming to Chapin School Princeton!

We are very excited to have Laurie Berkner at Chapin for a student performance on April 28th to showcase the release of the book, "We Are the Dinosaurs," which is based on her famous song by the same name. This event is for prekindergarten, kindergarten, 1st and 2nd grade Chapin students! 
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The Chapin Alumni Chronicles

2017 Presidential Scholars Nominees

"The U.S. Presidential Scholars Program was established in 1964, by executive order of the President, to recognize and honor some of our nation's most distinguished graduating high school seniors."  (Department of Education)

This year, two Chapin alumni were name nominees for the prestigious Presidential Scholars award.  Congratulations to Trevor Russo '13 and Winona Guo '13. Truly inspired, confident and ready in every sense of the word.

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Lower School Lowdown: Design Lab


As part of their research on Native American culture, Chapin third graders have been working in the design lab. In pairs or small groups, they are recreating important aspects of their tribe's life.  Some are creating homes, modes of travel, or other art pieces that epitomize Native American culture.

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Inspiring: Winona Guo '13

Chapin Alumna Winona Guo '13 returned to Chapin to present  Choose the organization she cofounded with her friend, Priya Vulchi. Our faculty participated in a thought-provoking and enlightening discussion, driven by Choose's mission "to overcome racism and inspire harmony through exposure, education, and empowerment."   The ideas were thought-provoking, the issues challenging, but we also were beaming with pride at all that Winona has accomplished as just a Harvard-bound high school senior.
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Why an Elementary and Middle School without a High School?

Understanding the Benefits of a Pre-K Through Grade 8 Community

The research is telling us what Chapin School Princeton always knew. Kids feel safer, have a “greater sense of belonging” and are better prepared academically (Kamenetz). Why is this so?


At Chapin School Princeton, all of our time, effort and resources are focused on elementary and middle school children.


High schools dominate any school to which they are attached. Funding, sports, social issues, arts, music, and many other areas must defer to the high school students. Elementary and middle school students are left to feel like second class citizens, only able to aspire to high school and never able to celebrate their achievements.


Elementary and middle school students thrive when they are in an environment that allows them to be who they are developmentally. We recognize that first graders, fifth graders and eighth graders are not practicing for high school, college or adult life. They are learning, laughing and exploring. They cry and they cheer. Their experiences are just as valid, important, and vital to their development as those in high school.

Our curriculum, culture and community prepares students for every high school. Our students are ready socially and academically for the fast-changing world. They perform on stage, they give Open House tours, they join class discussions. They are advocates for themselves.

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 Kamenetz, Anya. “Sixth Grade Is Tough; It Helps To Be 'Top Dog'.” NPR, NPR, 19 Sept. 2016,


Mandarin Chinese


Chapin School Princeton has always had a very strong World Languages program, starting with Spanish instruction in kindergarten through eighth grade, combined with French in upper school. This year, after great success as part of the after school clubs program, Mrs. Shelby Wu will be teaching Mandarin Chinese to kindergarten through sixth grade students.

One of the many great aspects of the Chapin experience is that our students don’t have to wait until high school to be inspired by new challenges. Chapin School Princeton is one of the few private schools in the area to offer Mandarin Chinese to elementary and middle school students. Our students are truly ready for the world!

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Family Groups

At least once a month, the Chapin School Princeton community gathers in Family Groups. Students from Lower and Upper School meet and work together on fun activities, community service projects or just to simply become better connected.
Since Chapin doesn’t have a high school, and most elementary schools are not on the same campus as their middle schools, our students are given the unique opportunity to form bonds with students of different ages. Our older students become leaders and develop life-long connections with the younger students. Our younger students aspire to one day be just like these terrific role models. Plus, each Family Group has at least two faculty and staff members from different constituencies of Chapin. Our hallways are full of high-fives and friendly waves from kids who have gotten to know each other through Family GRoups.
Truly one of the best advantages of a pre-k through grade eight school!

Upper School Leaders attend Middle School Leadership Conference

This week, our Upper School Student Leadership team attended the third annual MS Leads Conference at Germantown Academy. They were accompanied by Gil Olvera, Maura Coughlin and George Foley.

Student leaders of the Student Council, Honor Council, and Character Committee attended sessions that examined the definition of leadership and helped them develop skills to face the daily challenges of being a leader. Over 140 students from a dozen independent schools attended four sessions focused on identifying and refining leadership styles. Chapin was the only school from the greater Princeton area, so our students were able to make friendships with a variety of other students from the Philadelphia area.

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Gardening Fun at Chapin School Princeton!

Chapin School Princeton students love to garden, and our garden is a huge part of our Sustainability program. The garden is central to school life, providing food for Chef G's lunches and curriculum for classes in every grade from prekindergarten through eighth grade. 
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2nd Grade Reading All-Stars!

The Chapin School Princeton 2nd graders were excited to present their brilliant writing to the Chapin faculty and administration!  After strutting down the red carpet, the second graders proudly read from their latest masterpieces as the audiences sat in rapt attention. Weeks of hard work and many revisions resulted in a critical smash hit. Bravo! Award Season awaits! 

How to Thrive on the First Day of School

How to Thrive on the First Day of School

It's here again. That day. It seemed so far away, ten weeks ago. This is where you’ll be, most of the time, for the next ten weeks. Here are some helpful tips on how to survive, and more importantly, make the best of the first day of school.

  1. Think Positive: The first day is school is a great chance for a new start, or to keep up momentum from last year. What are the things you want to change this year? Improve?

  1. Find a Friendly Face: Nothing can calm those first day jitters faster than a friendly smile. Maybe it's someone you hung out with all summer. Maybe it's someone you haven't ever really spoken to before. Just say hi!

  1. Be Ready:  Supplies? Check. Lunch bag? Check. Summer work finished and ready to turn in? Check. One of the best things you can do for the first day of school is to be ready the night before.  You’ll feel better knowing that everything is in place and the morning will be easy.

  1. Take it One Day at Time: There are no exams yet. No music recitals or Show Choir performances. It’s the first day! Just focus on what’s happening today. Listen to your new teachers explain the class. Pay attention to your friends as they talk about summer. Remember where your locker is. Focus on the things happening today!

  1. Help others: There’s a pretty good chance that there is someone out there who is even more nervous or stressed about the first day of school than you are. Look around. You be the friendly face. You be the one to talk to the new kid on their first day. You be the one to make a difference!

These are just a few of the many, many ways to make the first day of school just a little more manageable. Wait! One more: Have fun!

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