Helpful Tips for Mac Users    

If you are having problems converting Mac office files (Pages, Keynote, etc.) to any other format:

  • Work on simple files in Google Docs at home and school.  No conversion needed.  This will probably work for everything except complex presentations and very complex spreadsheets.
  • Export back and forth from the Mac office software.  You will have to remember to convert every time you work on it.  (This could be a lot of work!)
  • Purchase MS Office for Mac and use that.
  • Download OpenOffice (which is free) and can be installed on both Apple and Windows Systems.
Web Guidelines    

It is critical that parents are aware of how to log in and find current information on our website.  Many general questions can be answered by checking the website first.  Here are some guidelines for how to log on and access password protected pages:

Website Passwords
Each family is assigned individual user name logins and passwords for students and parents. These paper copies are mailed directly to your home address. Parents assume the responsibility of allowing their children access to the website.  The school’s Acceptable Use Policy suggests usage for grades 3-8.  If at any point you or your child misplace or forget your password, click on “forgot my password” on the login box and it will be sent to your family e-mail.

Student Password Synchronization
Students are also assigned a user name and password for their school account in September.  They will be instructed in class to use the same logins and passwords for each account to eliminate confusion.

Logging On
After logging on, please go to My Profile on the Parent or Student Portal and change your password for ease of use in the future.  Passwords allow access to either the Parent or the Student section.  When you are logged in you will see a thin RED LINE directly under the main navigation!

Getting Blocked Out
If you or anyone on your internet line (IP address) tries to log on unsuccessfully five times the system will block you and all computers in your home.  The only way to become unlocked is to contact the Director of Technology.

Parent Portal/Student Portal
Many of the password protected pages reside in these portals, including directory information, photos and homework pages.

On the top of the home page and on the bottom of each page you will find the web calendar with multiple filters to see just the categories you desire. Remember to log in to see ALL the filters!

If you have any questions or cannot find what you are looking for, contact Ada Yung, Director of Communications and Marketing.

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