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Chapin School Princeton’s Fall 2020 Return To Campus Plan

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Distance and Online Learning at Chapin School Princeton

Families Love Chapin School Princeton!

Chapin has been home to our family for over 12 years. Over these years my children were taught by dedicated teachers who taught them academic curriculum, but also instilled values and morals...

The Choudhri Family

...Chapin’s faculty and staff have established a bedrock of normalcy and personal growth in the lives of children. Frankly, words cannot sufficiently express our gratitude. 

The McClellan Family


...I cannot be sure where we would be right now without the staff and their ability to help teach, mentor and guide the students throughout the day.

The Fletcher Family

Congratulations Chapin School Princeton Class of 2020!


31 students 

10 of the most prestigious secondary schools in the country.

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