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Financial Aid 2018-2019

Chapin School is deeply committed to making education available to qualified students and ensuring that the school continues to attract a diverse student body.  The school awards financial aid grants and named scholarships based on demonstrated family financial need.  In both cases, the amount of financial aid is contingent upon the availability of funds in the school's financial aid budget.
Chapin School is also committed to providing for the fair and equitable distribution of financial aid funds.  The school seeks a partnership with families who will make a Chapin education a high priority in their budgeting of financial resources.  With the assumption that the student and his/her family receive the benefits of an independent school education, Chapin School believes that the student's family, not the school, should be the primary source of financial support for the student.  The student's family includes non-custodial, separated or divorced parents.
Chapin School does not discriminate on the basis of race, creed, color, ancestry, age, gender, sexual orientation, national origin, religious affiliation or in any other characteristic protected by law in the administration of financial aid.

Financial Aid Grants
Financial aid grants are made to families with demonstrated family financial need for students in grades K - 8. Grants are made for one year to students in good community standing, and applications for financial aid must be renewed each year. Award decisions are made by Chapin’s Financial Aid Committee, which utilizes information supplied by families to TADS, a leading provider of financial aid assessment services, as well as additional factors and special circumstances, to determine a family's ability to contribute to tuition.
Factors taken into consideration include: the number and ages of children in the family attending tuition-paying schools, additional dependents, all sources of income and expense, all assets and debts, and the extent of estimated contributions to education by parents, guardians, the aid recipient and other family members.  In fairness to two-income applicant families, Chapin will add $20,000 to a non-earning spouse’s income since that parent chooses not to work for an income.  Exceptions will be granted for spouses staying at home with pre-school children.  Copies of the family's and student applicant's federal income tax returns and W-2 forms are required to verify reported income. See table below for details.

All families are expected to pay a portion of tuition expenses, and grants will not be awarded in excess of demonstrated family financial need.  Chapin will not provide aid to offset lifestyle expenditures that could have been diverted to education.  Grants do not cover expenses over and above tuition such as gym uniforms, books, lunch, after school programs and Parents’ Association dues.

Student Assets
The student applicant’s assets are now expected to be liquidated for education over the remaining years in pre-college school plus an allowance for four years of college.  This allocation will be added to the calculated parental contribution to determine a total contribution from parents and student.  For this reason, the student applicant’s federal income tax return is now also required.
Separated or Divorced Parents
Certain difficulties may arise in judging financial aid applications filed on behalf of students with special family circumstances.  Nevertheless, because financial aid is based on a family’s ability to meet the cost of education at Chapin School, it is necessary to consider the financial resources of both natural parents in cases where separation or divorce has taken place. Although the custodial parent (the parent with whom the applicant resides) and spouse are considered to be the student’s primary family, the non-custodial parent and spouse must also complete the financial aid application and supply a copy of their family’s current federal income tax return.  The school will not be bound by the assertion of one parent that he/she is not responsible for educational expenses.  If this information is not available at the time the application is evaluated, it may cause an arbitrary assessment of financial need to be made by the school.  This may result in a lesser award, or no award at all.

It is the responsibility of the custodial parent to see that the non-custodial parent receives, completes and returns the application. Failure to do so could limit the amount of aid granted because the Financial Aid Committee would be required to make its decision with incomplete data.

Parents are assured that all information submitted will be kept in strictest confidence and that this information will not be shared with either family.

Application and Decision Process

Families wishing to apply should complete the TADS Financial Aid Worksheet, which includes instructions for preparing the information needed for the application, then complete the online TADS application.  
Please note that no forms or tax returns should be sent to Chapin School.  All forms should be sent to TADS per the instructions below.  We will have access to all information sent to TADS.
Application Procedures




Parents’ Application (custodial parents and non-custodial parents)

Online(preferred method)
Click on 'Financial Aid'
(There is a $6 charge, payable in advance, for paper applications)
Contact: Chapin School Business Office

ASAP, but no later than
February 1, 2018

2016 and 2017 federal income tax returns with all schedules as filed with the IRS and W-2 forms (custodial and non-custodial parents and student applicant)

Upload to TADS via the above application link
Contact Chapin School via instructions above. Family uploads or mails completed form to TADS directly.
2016 returns and W-2's Due with the application
2017 returns and W-2's
ASAP, but no later than March 1, 2018

Click here to apply at // Click here to apply at // Haga click aquĆ­ para solicitar a Haga click aqui para la hoja de trabajo

Special Notes

Deadlines are important! Because of the requests for financial aid each year, our financial aid funds are allocated quickly.  Eligible families whose applications for financial aid are filed after the deadlines will find the amount of financial aid limited or depleted. 

Please contact Mrs. Patty Holmes, Assistant Director of Finance & Bursar at 609-924-2449 x1727 or
 with all financial aid questions. 

All financial records, requests, and grants are kept in strictest confidence by the Financial Aid Committee. Neither faculty nor trustees are made aware of financial aid information. 

All awards must remain confidential. Disclosure of any of its terms to anyone outside your immediate family or  misrepresentation of information in the financial aid application process, will result in withdrawal of any financial aid package awarded by the school.

Important Financial Aid Deadlines

Latest date for Parents’ Application (custodial parents and non-custodial parents)

February 1, 2018

Financial Aid application along with 2016 Federal income tax returns with all schedules as filed with the IRS and W-2 forms (custodial and non-custodial parents and student applicant). If you filed last year, contact TADS to move 2016r returns to your current application.

March 1, 2018

2017 Federal income tax returns with all schedules as filed with the IRS and W-2 forms (custodial and non-custodial parents and student applicant). 

Financial Aid Appeal Process

In making an aid award determination, the Financial Aid Committee carefully and thoughtfully reviews all information submitted by our families.  As aid applications have risen over the years, Chapin School strives to assist as many families as possible who truly have a need.  
Should you feel that the award is not sufficient, you may appeal the decision by following the appeal process which involves providing more detailed information for the committee to review.  
Before you submit an appeal, please remember that all additional fees, including lunch, are now included in the  tuition (parent association, technology, field trips, supplies and textbooks).  You have paid these amounts in past years but saw them as separate charges on your invoice so what you are seeing now is those charges all totaled together in the amount you are being asked to pay.
Please click here to review additional information required for an appeal.  Once complete, please send the information to Patty J. Holmes, Assistant Director of Finance & Bursar at or fax #609-924-6670.
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