Lower School Second Grade

Second Grade

Hard work balanced with fun is the hallmark of second grade. This is achieved by creating cross-curricular units of study, engaging students in activities that are highly meaningful and providing a learning environment that allows students a variety of opportunities to demonstrate their knowledge and understanding.

Our second graders come together throughout the year to delve into thematic studies which form the basis of their language arts. Animals, nature, families, and mysteries studies make up part of the second grade language arts curriculum.

Mathematical thinking is promoted in the second grade classrooms through the teaching of problem solving and computational skills as well as the use of hands-on activities and games. Money, time, and graphing provide further enhancements of children's mathematical knowledge. Number sense is a theme that continues and builds throughout the year as students’ knowledge expands to encompass larger numbers.

In addition, second grade social studies and science topics cover a wide span of highly engaging and real-life topics, including units that cover insects and consumers and producers. Our owls and Iditarod units make up a portion of the cross-curricular learning that students are engaged in throughout the school year. These include core academic subjects as well as an emphasis on technology skills and character development.

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