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Our Faculty and Staff

The greatness of Chapin School rests squarely upon our faculty.  Our teachers are the enduring heart, mind, and soul of our school.  We know children love learning when they are inspired by teachers who have a passion for learning and sharing their knowledge.

Chapin is deeply committed to attracting, retaining and developing teachers with outstanding academic credentials and strong personal integrity whose teaching, character, and example will make a significant difference in the lives of children.    

Faculty and Staff


Robert Baca (2015)

University of New Mexico, B.A.

Seton Hall University, M.A.

World Languages

Jeff Barnosky (2007)

University of Houston, B.A.

Louisiana State University, M.F.A.

Director of Strategic Initiatives, English


Shawn Berger (2015)

Plattsburgh State University, B.A., M.S.


Liz Blasco (2007)
Rider University, B.A.
Registrar/Database Administrator


Emily Bollman (2015)

Boston University, B.A., B.S., M.A.

Social Studies

David Bywater (2016)

Binghamton University, B.A.

Queens College, M. Ed.

Grade 4

Tanner Campbell (2016)

West Chester University, B. S.

Physical Education, Life Studies

Kristin Cesaro  (2013)

Rutgers University, B.A.

The College of New Jersey, M.A.T.

Grade 2


Maura Coughlin (2002)

University of Massachusetts, B.S.

Smith College School for Social Work, M.S.W.

School Counselor

Nancy Crosta (2008)

Douglass College of Rutgers University, B.A.

Farleigh Dickinson University, M.A.

Upper School Learning Specialist

Leah Cutler (2006)

Franklin and Marshall, B.A.

University of Pennsylvania, M.S.

Grade 1


Michael Del Aversano

Director of Building and Grounds

Kelly Devine (2009)

University of Scranton, B.S.



Minnie Deshpande (2010)

Delhi University, M.A., B.A,

The University of Tennessee, M.B.A.

Director of Finance and Operations

Administrative Assistant Head of School/Development

Mary Diggan (2015)

Bucknell University, B.S.

Wilkes University, M.S.


Pauline DiMaiuta (2011)

Pace University, B.S.

Academic Technologist

Wendy Erdmann (2007)

Massachusetts College of Art, B.F.A.



Shippensburg University

Assistant to the Head of Lower School
Warsaw Academy of Physical Education, MA
Physical Education

George Foley (2006)

Kutztown University, B.S.

Social Studies

Kenneth Gaissert (2015)

University of Colorado, B.A.

Simmons College, M.S.


Rutgers B.S.
Rider University Graduate Level
Teacher Certification Program

Lisa Giletto (2016)

Holy Family University, B.A.



Sharon Gomberg (2008)

Rutgers University, B.S.

Director of Parent & Alumni Relations and Events

Pamela T. Hall (2001)

Beaver College, B.A.

Temple University, M.Ed.

Grade 2 and Grade 4 Math

Karen Hepburn (2008)

Administrative Assistant

Admission/Upper School

Patty Holmes (2007)

Douglass College, B.A.

Assistant Director of Finance and Bursar

Carrie Hotchkiss (2015)

Smith College, B.A.

Belhaven College, M.A.T.

Grade 4

Linda B. Howarth (1996)

Franklin and Marshall College, B.A.

Adelphia University, M.A.

Lower School Library             

Pam Hughes (1994)

Ithaca College

ASP/Clubs Coordinator

Kristen Kemp (2011)

Alvernia College, B.A.

Grade 5


The College of New Jersey, B.S.
World Languages-Spanish

Carol Kunkel (2013)

Bloomsburg University, B.S.

Grade 3


Mark A. Lederer (1998)

Stanford University, B.A.

San Diego State University, M.A.

Director of Technology

Mary Ellen Lederer (1998)

Dickinson College, B.A.

Middlebury College, M.A.

Rutgers University, M.A.T.

World Languages

Shana Lindsey (2013)

Carroll University, B.A.

Teachers College, Columbia University, M.Ed.

Head of Lower School

Bridget MacDonald (2007)

Hartt School of Music, B.M.

New England Conservatory, M.M.

Rutgers University, D.M.A.

Music, Music Lessons

Charlyn Magat (2015)

Ramapo College, B.S., M.S.


Kydlan Margulies (2016)

McGill University, B. A.

DePaul University, M. Ed.

Explorers Lead Teacher             

Edward Matthews (2012)

Head Carpenter

David Mazzella (2005)

Head Technician

April L. McCarthy (1993)

Rider College, B.A.



Melissa McCormick (2003)

Tufts University, B.A.

Show Choir, Drama

Kerry A. McQuarrie (2000)

Douglass College, B.A.

Science, Life Studies

Laura A. McQuigg (2000)

Wesley College, B.S.

Marygrove College, M.A.

Mathematics, Language Arts

Desiree Melegrito (2003)

Ithaca College, B.M.

Westminster Choir College, M.M.


Karin Morse (2015)

Lehigh University, B.A.

University of Georgia/Athens, M.A.

University of Pennsylvania, Post-Baccalaureate

Director of Development

Mark Myers (2015)

William Patterson University, B.A.

Language Arts, Science, Social Studies


Gilberto E. Olvera (2015)

Bucknell University, B.A.

University of Pennsylvania, M.S. Ed.

Head of Upper School



Caitlin Orantes

Front Desk/Administrative Assistant Head of School/Development

Barbara P. Pasteris (1987)

College of St. Francis, B.A.

Head of School


Gustavo Ponce (2011)

Head Groundskeeper

Michele M. Rogener (2003)

Caldwell College, B.A.

Grade 1

Dawn Santello (2013)

Rider University, B.A.

Walden University, M.S.

Learning Specialist

Patricia L. Stabler (2005)

West Virginia Wesleyan College, R.N., B.S.


Michele Staub (2007)
Brandeis University, B.A.
Rutgers University, M.Ed.
Human Resources and Accounts Payable Manager


Tanya S. Vail (2013)

Binghamton University, B.A.

New York University, M.A.


Ann M. Vienneau (2002)

Fitchburg State College, B.S.

Grade 3

Daniel M. Wade (1999)

Pennsylvania State University, B.S.


Patrick Wade (2015)

University of Pennsylvania, B.A.

Arcadia University, M.Ed.


Christy Welborne (2016)

UNC Chapel Hill, B.A.

Seton Hall University, M.Ed. 2017

Director of Admission

Villanova, B.A.
Columbia University, M.S.
Teacher Assistant

Jane Wilson-Brunner (2003)

Boston University, B.F.A.

New York University, M.A.

English & drama

Shelby Wu (2016)

Zhejiang University, China, B.A.

Miami University, M.S.

World Languages-Mandarin

Culinary Institute of America, A.A.
Art Institute of Pittsburgh B.A. 

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