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Our Five Virtues

Respect, Responsibility, Honesty, Kindness, Perseverance

Lower School  - Treat others as you expect to be treated.
Upper School – Expect the best treatment for yourself and treat others in the same manner through your words and actions.

Examples of Respectful Behavior:

To Self
  • Take pride in your appearance, actions and behavior. 
  • Show regard for self by refusing to do harm to yourself. 

To Others

  • Accept and appreciate the differences and uniqueness of people. 
  • Be courteous and polite.  Demonstrate good manners. 
  • Show regard for parents, school staff and other community leaders. 

Toward the Environment 

  • Make respectful decisions about how you treat the natural world. 
  • Show regard for animals and other living things and their habitats. 

For Property 

  • Value the property of others. 
  • Take pride in the appearance and condition of our school and community. 

For Country 

  • Properly attend to the Pledge of Allegiance, The National Anthem and the flag. 

Lower School – Do the right thing.
Upper School – Choose to do the right thing in your thoughts, words and actions and be accountable for your choices. 

Examples of Responsible Behavior:

To Self 

  • Be reliable and accountable. 
  • Set a good example. 

To Others 

  • Follow through with your commitments. 
  • Be responsive to the concerns and needs of others. 

To School 

  • Complete assignments on time to the best of your ability. 
  • Take care of school equipment, property, buildings and grounds. 
  • Cooperate in the learning process. 
  • Be punctual. 
  • Follow school rules and procedures. 

To Family 

  • Take on chores and complete them. 
  • Represent family in a positive manner. 

To Community 

  • Represent Chapin in a positive manner when out in the larger community. 
  • Contribute to the community by following its policies and rules. 

Lower School – Tell the truth.
Upper School – Be truthful in your thoughts, words and actions. 

Examples of Honest Behavior:

To Self:  

  • Act in such a way that you are worthy of trust. 
  • Display integrity in your words, actions and behavior. 

To Others: 

  • Do what is right. 
  • Don’t lie, cheat, steal, deceive, mislead or betray a trust. 
  • Be sincere and genuine. 

Lower School – Be nice to others.
Upper School – Show consideration and compassion toward others and their feelings by way of your thoughts, words, and actions.

Examples of Kind Behavior:

To Self: 

  • Accept both your strengths and weaknesses. 
  • Take good care of yourself. 

To Others: 

  • Be a reliable and trustworthy friend. 
  • Participate in community service. 
  • Be an active listener. 
  • Make an effort to help others. 
  • Share with others. 

To Family: 

  • Treat family members with kindness. 
  • Be there for your family. 

Lower School – Try and try again.
Upper School – Show in your thoughts, words and actions a commitment to a goal.  

Examples of Persevering:

To Self: 

  • Don't give up!  Ever!
  • Achieve your goals and meet your commitments. 
  • Seek help to enable you to solve problems and overcome obstacles. 
  • Accept new challenges that will lead to growth. 
  • Work to maintain relationships. 
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