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Our Faculty and Staff

The greatness of Chapin School rests squarely upon our faculty.  Our teachers are the enduring heart, mind, and soul of our school.  We know children love learning when they are inspired by teachers who have a passion for learning and sharing their knowledge.

Chapin is deeply committed to attracting, retaining and developing teachers with outstanding academic credentials and strong personal integrity whose teaching, character, and example will make a significant difference in the lives of children.    

Faculty and Staff


Robert Baca (2015)

University of New Mexico, B.A.

Seton Hall University, M.A.

World Languages

Jeff Barnosky

University of Houston, B.A.

Louisiana State University, M.F.A.

Director of Strategic Initiatives, English

Jeanne Barrett (2016)

Fairfield University, B.A.

New York University, M.B.A

Director of Finance and Operations

Shawn Berger (2015)

Plattsburgh State University, B.A., M.S.


Liz Blasco (2007)
Rider University, B.A.
Registrar/Database Administrator


Emily Bollman (2015)

Boston University, B.A., B.S., M.A.

Social Studies

David Bywater (2016)

Binghamton University, B.A.

Queens College, M. Ed.

Grade 4

Tanner Campbell (2016)

West Chester University, B. S.

Physical Education, Life Studies

Kristin Cesaro  (2013)

Rutgers University, B.A.

The College of New Jersey, M.A.T.

Grade 2


Maura Coughlin (2002)

University of Massachusetts, B.S.

Smith College School for Social Work, M.S.W.

School Counselor

Nancy Crosta (2008)

Douglass College of Rutgers University, B.A.

Farleigh Dickinson University, M.A.

Upper School Learning Specialist

Leah Cutler (2006)

Franklin and Marshall, B.A.

University of Pennsylvania, M.S.

Grade 1