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Chapin School Princeton 8th Graders Design, Build and Launch Canoes.

Chapin School Princeton 8th graders completed a year-long project that resulted in three “lake-worthy” canoes launching at Lake Mercer in Mercer County Park.  

Experiential learning has always been a core element of Chapin’s curriculum.  Chapin 8th graders worked in three groups, using all of the tools necessary to craft the canoes from scratch while utilizing design thinking and collaborative learning to build a 
 canoe ready for a successful launch! 

The ships were more than capable of withstanding the lake waters, and our brave lake-farers returned to shore unscathed, a little wet, and exhilarated to have accomplished such a feat! 

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Chapin School Princeton Students Shine at Music in the Parks!

Chapin School's Chamber Choir, Show Choir, Jazz Band, and Wind Ensemble participated along with six other school ensembles in the High Note Festival in New Egypt, NJ.  Our 73 students performed musical selections before distinguished judges in the field, who awarded them a rating as well constructive comments.  The Show Choir, Jazz Band and Wind Ensemble came away with the second highest rating of "Excellent" and the Chamber Choir was given the highest rating of "Superior".  As part of the festival, the students enjoyed a few hours of recreation at Six Flags Great Adventure following their performances.
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Chapin School Princeton Students Experience Shakespeare!


It was an all-day event filled with school performances, critique from professional theatre directors, and fun Shakespeare activities led by a Master of the Revels. Chapin students bravely volunteered to go up on stage and improvise Shakespeare in front of an audience. The entire day was a celebration of a love for Shakespeare's work.

Chapin students not only performed on a professional stage, but they also had the great opportunity to watch performances of Taming of the Shrew, Macbeth, King John, Romeo & Juliet, Midsummer, and various scenes.

The Chapin Middle School students were the youngest kids there, as a majority of the performers were in high school. The kids did an awesome job performing their play: "The Most Lamentable Comedy and the Most Cruel Death of Pyramus and Thisbe!" They received a standing ovation, three Chapin thespians won awards, and Chapin School won the top award of the day: "Spirit of the Festival Award."

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Chapin School Princeton Students Succeed at Mercer Science and Engineering Fair

Princeton, NJ, March 29, 2018

Over their Spring Break, Chapin students participated in and found great success at the Mercer Science and Engineering fair!

From left to right:

Outstanding Achievement: Physical

Daniel Kardashi ‘19

Where's The WiFi?


Meritorious Achievement:  Biological

Anoushka Sharma ‘19

Decomposable Milk Buttons


Honorable Mention: Physical

Emilie Evju ‘19

Rockin' Candy

The students work grew from Chapin’s annual Curriculum Fair, which showcases work students do across disciplines, but seventh graders focus on a long-term STEAM and design-based project. These were just a few of the many interesting and challenging projects Chapin students worked on for the Curriculum Fair.


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Chapin School Art Teacher Featured in Town Topics!

Chapin Upper School Art Teacher, Tanya Vail, is featured in today's Town Topics Newspaper "Profiles in Education". Here's an excerpt:

"Vail emphasized the positive environment for art and education at Chapin. Noting the character development program and the focus on every individual and that individual’s needs, she observed, 'I’ve never worked in a place where the faculty is so dedicated to what is good for the students.

'This is a special place. It gives students the kind of freedom they need, setting the bar high and saying, ‘This is what we expect. As long as you do this, we can work together. We’re going to trust you.’ I see a level of maturity in kids that graduate from here that I’ve never seen in any other middle school.'"

8th Grade Reflections

This year, Chapin's 8th Graders have begun a new tradition. At the Upper School meeting, each 8th grader delivers a reflection of their time at Chapin, and life in general, that they have prepared throughout the year. Here's a collection of those reflections in an album that will be updated with more reflections as the year progresses.

Chapin School Princeton Celebrates Chinese New Year!

Chinese New Year Princeton


Chapin School Princeton celebrated Chinese New Year with a feast prepared by Chapin parents and performances by students in Chapin’s Mandarin class, including dances, poems, “tongue twisters”, songs and demonstrations of their accomplishments in Mandarin class.  The combination of incredible food and amazing performances by Chapin students was a perfect way to usher in the new year.

Meet the Board: Maryanne Quinn

Chapin Board Member

For the past two years, Maryanne Quinn has served on the Chapin Board of Trustees, though she has been part of the Chapin community since 2013 when she moved with her husband, Peter, and their family from Virginia to New Jersey.  Graduating with a B.S. in Nuclear Engineering from the University of Virginia, Maryanne enjoyed a successful career working with consultants, power companies, and state regulatory agencies in New York, New Jersey and Connecticut.   At home with their three children in Virginia, Maryanne joined several civic and academic boards, held volunteer positions at the local free clinic, public financial education program and her children’s school and worked part-time for non-profit environmental and educational organizations.  At Chapin, Maryanne was active in the Parents’ Association as a class parent.  She now volunteers at Peddie School and in the Hightstown community.  Their daughter, Charlotte, graduated from Chapin in 2014 and son, Andrew, in 2017.  Eldest son, Lucas, is a junior at the College of William and Mary.  When the Quinn family was researching schools in the Princeton area, they were immediately attracted to Chapin’s dedication to developing “whole citizens” and the balanced emphasis on character growth and academic success.

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Chapin School Princeton's Science Olympiad Charges Ahead!

Science Olympiad at a Private School in Princeotn

 A huge congrats to our inaugural Science Olympiad team who placed 2nd place in Battery Buggy Event and 7th in Potions and Poisons in Chapin’s very first competition! STEAM CHARGED! #scienceolympiad

Chapin Graduates Named All-Prep Runners in High School!

Private School Cross Country runners become stars in private high schools!

Huge Congrats to All-Prep runners and Chapin grads Emily Moini and Jesse Brewer! Jesse was also named "Runner of the Year"! Not too long ago they were running for the Chapin Chargers!

(Photos courtesy of Steve Gingo, their former coach)

Times of Trenton Girls Cross Country: All-Area/CVC, All-Prep Teams, 2017 

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How Hard Would it Be To Rebuild Rome?

Private School Students Rebuild Ancient Rome

Can you believe this is Social Studies class? The 6th grade was tasked with designing and building their own version of the Ancient Rome they are studying. It’s truly amazing to see blue prints turn into tangible and famous relics of history. And they aren’t even finished yet! 


Who Has the Best Private School Community?

Hint: It’s Who We Are!



Private School students in Princeton

People who care, do their best, work together, give to others, share, think and support.  At the Lower School meeting, Mrs. Lindsey highlighted all of the things that make our community great, and those things are the essence of who we are.

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After-School Learning is So Important for Kids!

Private School students compete in science and math competitions.


This year Chapin’s Lower and Upper Schools have embarked on an enrichment program that extends the S.T.E.A.M. and

 design-process based classroom curriculum into a team and competition oriented after-school program. The response to these new opportunities has been truly amazing. Math Olympiad, Science Olympiad, Jr. Science Olympiad, Mock Trial and First Robotics have swept through Chapin and the classrooms are full of students learning and thinking in ways that will truly prepare them for the future.

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Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving! from Chapin School Princeton on Vimeo.

What is Perseverance?

Character Corner: Genevieve '22 speaks to the Lower School Morning Meeting about the importance of perseverance.
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Can a second grader learn how to code?

Spoiler alert: Yes

Author and Illustrator Brett Helquist Shows How to Draw a Baudelaire!

A Series of Unfortunate Events Illustrator

How to Account for Water Displacement when Measuring Volume

The Boys' Ensemble Performs for US Meeting!

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