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How to Thrive on the First Day of School

 First day of private school!
How to Thrive on the First Day of Private School

It's here again. That day. It seemed so far away, ten weeks ago. This is where you’ll be, most of the time, for the next ten weeks. Here are some helpful tips on how to survive, and more importantly, make the best of the first day of private school.

  1. Think Positive: The first day of middle school, or elementary schools, is a great chance for a new start, or to keep up momentum from last year. What are the things you want to change this year? Improve?

  1. Find a Friendly Face: Nothing can calm those first day jitters faster than a friendly smile. Maybe it's someone you hung out with all summer. Maybe it's someone you haven't ever really spoken to before. Just say hi!

  1. Be Ready:  Supplies? Check. Lunch bag? Check. Summer work finished and ready to turn in? Check. One of the best things you can do for the first day of school is to be ready the night before.  You’ll feel better knowing that everything is in place and the morning will be easy.

  1. Take it One Day at Time: There are no exams yet. No music recitals or Show Choir performances. It’s the first day! Just focus on what’s happening today. Listen to your new teachers explain the class. Pay attention to your friends as they talk about summer. Remember where your locker is. Focus on the things happening today!

  1. Help others: There’s a pretty good chance that there is someone out there who is even more nervous or stressed about the first day of school than you are. Look around. You be the friendly face. You be the one to talk to the new kid on their first day. You be the one to make a difference!

These are just a few of the many, many ways to make the first day of school just a little more manageable. Wait! One more: Have fun!



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