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Chapin wins the national Green Cup Recycle Challenge!

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Eco Schools

 Led by the sixth-grade Sustainability class, Chapin has earned their first certification from Eco-Schools, a partner of the National Wildlife Association.  The sixth-grade students conducted a waste audit, brainstormed ways to reduce waste and increase recycling. Congratulations to our students on the first tier of their Eco-Schools certification!

2013 Green Cup Recycle Challenge

The results are in and Chapin rocked!  In our first ever participation in the Green Cup Recycle Challenge, Chapin ranked 1st in the state of New Jersey, competing for bin points with schools throughout the state.  We also placed 11th in the nation, competing against many schools throughout the United States (and even a few in India!)  We ended the four-week challenge with a high of 97% in bin compliance rate and we received the full 10 point bonus awarded to schools for steps taken to improve sustainability practices. We are thrilled that our students and faculty alike are working so hard to respect the environment and leave a smaller footprint! 
To view the results of schools throughout the nation, go to:  //
To see the list we submitted to the GCRC for bonus points, go to: //

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