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Benefits of Organized Sports for Kids

Benefits of Enrolling Your Child in Organized Sports

Whether your child is asking to join an organized sports team or you are encouraging them to pick a sport and try out or sign up for a season, the benefits of organized sports for kids are numerous and well documented. Whether competitive or simply recreational, playing sports will benefit your child’s physical and emotional health.

Healthy Lifestyle

Playing organized sports can be hard work. Some sports require more physical endurance than others, but all will get your child moving, burning calories and energy, and keeping their heart healthy. Being active in organized sports is an easy way to incorporate exercise into children’s busy schedules. In addition to better maintaining a healthy weight, athletes often have better gross and fine motor skills, and better vision than kids who don't participate in sports. To avoid injury make sure not to enroll your child in a sport or league that will push them beyond their physical and developmental limits. Building healthy habits can and should start at any age!

Social Skills and Sportsmanship

For some kids, organized sports may be their first experience participating in something that is bigger than him or herself. Joining a team requires you to take responsibility for actions and mistakes, as well as think about the physical and emotional well-being of their teammates and even opponents. Learning to deal with the disappointment of losing or not getting a desired position are also lessons that children who participate in organized sports will learn. How to win and lose graciously, and work hard achieve common goals are both skills that will serve your child well both on and off the field now and into the future.

Self-Confidence and Passion

Trying out different organized sports is a great way for your child to determine what he or she likes and what strengths they have. Joining teams that highlight their strengths will increase self-confidence as will the praise of coaches, parents and teammates. Enrolling at an early age is important for skill-building and confidence-building alike. Of course, your child’s sense of self-worth should not be built solely on their athletic abilities but participation in a team sport will help them achieve their personal best and highlight their skills and preferences.

The benefits of organized sports for kids reach well beyond the court or field and are way more important than the win or loss of a game or match. The physical and mental health benefits will follow them at school, at home and will have a positive impact on their life as a whole.


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