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Meet Dr. David Laws!

Lawrenceville Faculty member on board of Princeton Private School

Chapin School Princeton welcomes Dr. David Laws to the Board of Trustees.  For 18 years, Dr. Laws has been a chemistry teacher, coach, housemaster and, for the past three years, Dean of Academics at the Lawrenceville School.  In the last ten years, David has been a Chapin parent: Matt ’17 and Maddie ’19 both started at Chapin in kindergarten.

Growing up in a military family, Dr. Laws moved around frequently but eventually enrolled in the University of Illinois, where he received a bachelor’s degree in chemistry. After Champaign-Urbana, Dr. Laws earned his doctorate in chemistry from the University of California-Berkeley. Other than a year spent in London due to his wife's work, he has been at Lawrenceville since receiving his Ph.D.

It was his experience at Lawrenceville that brought him to consider Chapin for his children. The Chapin graduates he taught, coached and interacted with at Lawrenceville were  academically prepared and very capable, but what stood out most of all was their character. Chapin’s five virtues were something they, and their families, lived every day and it showed.  Because of this, the decision to choose Chapin was an easy one.

Dr. Laws believes one of the most important roles of the Board of Trustees is to support the programming of the school.  Given his extensive experience at Lawrenceville with curriculum,  independent school finances, and school life, he can contribute insights into the successful management of a private, independent school.

Dr. Laws believes that Chapin’s future will always be bright as long as we stay committed to who we are. “The Five Virtues aren’t just a banner,” he says.  “If Chapin stays committed to those values and virtue based education, it will always be distinct.”


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