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Pre-K at Chapin School Princeton!

Private School principal greets Pre-K student


Chapin School Princeton’s Pre-Kindergarten “Explorers” program is the perfect match for parents who are looking for the conveniences of daycare and preschool, with all of the warm, nurturing and academically engaging benefits of an independent, private school in Princeton.

As soon as you pull into our beautiful campus, with it’s mixture of the rustic farmhouse and new state-of-the art additions, you’ll know that you are at a private, independent school with a warm, nurturing community


Pre-K at a Princeton Private School

Private School Pre-K

When you walk into the Wilby building, where we have our kindergarten and pre-kindergarten classrooms, you’ll immediately realize you’re in a special place. Nap mats, activity centers, pencils, sure that’s all there, but most importantly what’s really there is a sense of warmth and safety. This is a place where your “former” toddlers can grown, learn can build out their curiosity and to wonder at the world around them. We give children the right strategies and the right road map to reach their highest potential in a safe, nurturing environment.  


The program offers a harmonious balance between STEAM-focused, inquiry based experiences and connections to the natural world. Enriching academics, arts, environmental, STEAM-based experiences best prepare children to flourish as leaders and learners.


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