Follett Textbook Ordering--Upper School

Upper School Textbook Ordering

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Upper School Textbook Ordering Is Live!



From Chapin School Virtual Campus website

Follett’s goal is to make the textbook shopping experience as easy as possible. For your convenience, your bookstore website has been set up using the Bulk Textbook Selector, which enables you to select all the classes or grade levels you would like to shop for and receive a list of all the books needed with purchasing options. We have found this system to work the best for schools that have a smaller list of classes, or have parents who need to order for multiple grade levels.  


1. Go to: Chapin School Bookstore

2. Click the Buy Books icon,

3. Then select your program, term, and click Submit  

4. The next screens allow the user to select department, course and section information by clicking on Submit.

5. Textbooks and purchasing options will then appear. You have the ability to select your choice by clicking into the box to the left of the title. Make sure to unselect any options you do not want to purchase. Note: books marked Required are necessary for the class and those marked Recommended are optional.

6. When complete click on Add to Cart. Note: “Arrives Soon” may sometimes display. During the busy season, books move in and out of our warehouse quickly. We typically have a backup publisher order on its way and the book is back in stock by the time your order ships. If for some reason we cannot fulfill your order, Customer Service will contact you immediately.

 7. Review your cart for accuracy then select a Textbook New/Used Condition preference. This lets us know if you would like to substitute a new book for a used book or vice versa if the condition you selected is not available. If you choose not to have a book substituted, and your preferred condition is not available, we will contact you before canceling the order.

8. After selecting your preference click Checkout.


1. If you have shopped with Follett before, log on with your email address and password.

2. If you are new to Follett, click Register to set up an account.

3. You will then be asked to select your shipping method. Books may leave the warehouse the day you order or the next business day depending on the time the order was placed. The delivery clock starts when books leave, not when you order.

4. To ship to an address other than the address displayed, click Add a New Address.  Add the new shipping address and click Submit.

5. Confirm the shipping address and click Continue Checkout.


1.  Enter the name(s) of the student(s) that will be using the textbooks being purchased. This will help your school if something happens with the book choice later on.

2.  Select your payment type under Payment Info and complete the required fields

3.  Review your order details and click Complete My Order. An order confirmation will then be sent to your email address.

Need assistance?

 Call Follett Customer Service at 888.FVC.3383 or email


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