Chapin School: Upper School

Upper School Academics

The middle school years (Chapin’s Upper School) cover an extraordinary period of growth, development, and excitement in a child’s life.  Students are seeking the independence to stretch beyond the home (and homeroom), while at the same time seeking the approval of the adults and peers around them.  They are beginning to think analytically and critically with a growing level of sophistication.  While each year spent in the Upper School has its own challenges, passions, and issues, we seek to build a program that encourages the best in children by sparking interests and providing skills for a lifetime of learning and healthy decision-making.

Chapin’s Upper School students are a unique group of learners and require a program that challenges them in an age-appropriate manner.  Through the blending of academic rigor with character development, the Upper School seeks to bridge the primary years in Lower School with secondary school.  Likewise, our Advisory Program, Honor Code and Honor Council, Elective offerings, Leadership Class, and Community Service initiative provide opportunities to broaden and enrich our strong commitment to personal development.  This is done, keeping in mind our two prevailing goals:  to encourage the development of respectful, responsible, honest, kind, hardworking young people and to guide them in becoming independent, engaged, enthusiastic, life-long learners who possess the skills necessary for future academic and personal success.

The Upper School faculty, administration and staff are all deeply committed to working with students in this age group and seek to build a strong partnership with you so that we can make your child’s Upper School experience fulfilling and successful.

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