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About Us

At Chapin, our students learn. They learn how to ask questions. They learn how to experiment. They learn how to learn. We prepare students for the world and for a future that they will create. Stages, studios, playgrounds, fields, gardens, or even Gaga pits are all classrooms for a quickly changing world. So are classrooms. At Chapin, we never forget that students need to learn how to be successful as students in all classroom environments.

Every child deserves an environment where he or she can grow and learn. At Chapin School, we strongly believe that developing our students' character is just as important as providing a quality education.


At Chapin School, children in Grades PreK-8 develop lifelong habits of mind and heart within a vigorous, student-centered educational program that emphasizes the wonder of exploration and discovery, promotes academic and personal excellence, and prioritizes our five virtues of character in all that we do. Chapin graduates are confident and well-prepared for the next step of their journeys as they look to navigate the challenges and opportunities of the future.


At Chapin School, we believe in:

A Warm and Nurturing Environment: Students thrive when they are known, valued, and cared for, which fosters a positive sense of self.

Individual Potential: Dynamic and thoughtful instruction identifies individual learning styles, helping each student uncover their unique strengths, interests, and talents to reach their full potential.

Character Education: Chapin’s Five Virtues - Respect, Responsibility, Honesty, Kindness, and Perseverance - guide the personal and social development of every child.

Small Classes with Dedicated Faculty: An active and engaging learning environment empowers students to develop confidence, creativity, critical thinking, and independent expression.

A Broad Educational Experience: Intellectual, artistic, athletic, leadership, and social-emotional development opportunities are integrated across a wide range of curricular and extracurricular activities.

A Diverse Community: A vibrant learning experience is enriched by a variety of backgrounds, cultures, identities, and perspectives.

A Supportive Community: Open and meaningful partnerships with parents and engaging school events build an inclusive community that promotes and enriches student growth and development.