Board of Trustees

The Chapin School Board of Trustees is the primary governing body of the school. It functions according to bylaws established in 1951 and most recently revised in 2014. The Board bylaws provide for up to 24 term trustees, eight of whom must be parents of current students at the time of their election. The Board is responsible for the establishment of policy, the appointment of the Head of School, and the preservation of the school's mission, finances, facilities, and programs. The Head of School and the President of the Parents' Association are ex-officio members of the Board of Trustees.

Trustees for the 2021-22 Academic Year

George McClellan

Alumni Parent, Current Parent

James Walters 
Vice President
Alumni Parent

Maryanne Quinn 
Alumni Parent  

Chetan Bhargiri
Alumni Parent

Paul Alfieri (Current Parent)
Michelle Bajwa (Alumni Parent, Current Parent)
Raymond Cabot (Alumni Parent)
Theo Cheng (Current Parent)
Nora Eldessouky (Current Parent)
Ted Golfinopoulos (Alumni Parent)
Joy Irizarry (Current Parent)
Michael Kalina (Current Parent)
Gurraj Sangha (Alumni Parent, Current Parent)
Stacey Shah (Alumni Parent, Current Parent)  
William Squires  (Current Parent)
David Tai (Current Parent)

Phiroze Rao (Alumni Parent) 

Christiana Foglio (Alumni Parent) 
Pete Wilby (Alumni Parent)

Jodi Desai 

Parents’ Association President 
Alumni Parent, Current Parent

Barbara  Pasteris
Head of School