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Head's Welcome

Dear Chapin Community, 

I first came to Chapin in 1987 as a second grade teacher. Nathaniel W. Peirce was the Head of School, campus consisted of separated buildings, there were discussions about adding prekindergarten, and a new playground was being installed. The landscape now looks remarkably changed, and it is inspiring to reflect on the growth of the school and its community over the years. Always a teacher at heart, I transitioned to working in Admissions, Secondary School Placement, and most recently to Assistant Head of School. These various roles have provided me the opportunity to see Chapin from many vantage points. From each view, however, one principle has proved true time and time again - what is best for the children, is best for Chapin. It is this basic tenet that brought me to Chapin, and it is why I stay.

It was early on in my tenure that I realized relationships are the cornerstone of the Chapin community.

Whether one’s responsibilities are in the classroom, the front office, or in the kitchen, it is abundantly clear that every faculty and staff member is always “all in” for the children and for each other. The other integral piece is our dedicated parent community. It is our shared belief in and commitment to the mission that propels us forward, together. We value character as much as we value academics. While there was a formal launch of the Character Program, we have always embodied the five virtues - Honesty, Respect, Responsibility, Kindness, and Perseverance – in everything we do.

I am keenly aware of the responsibility that the faculty, staff, and I have in educating your children. It is with the utmost faith that you entrust your children to us every morning. It is with a great sense of obligation and joy that we strive to create an environment in which students can achieve their highest potential and be their best selves. There is much on the horizon, and I am confident that we, as a community, will make great things happen for Chapin, and most importantly, for our children.

I am excited to work with each and every one of you to strengthen the student experience from prekindergarten through eighth grade.

Warmest regards,

Barbara P. Pasteris
Head of School