Mission & Philosophy

Chapin's Mission

Chapin is dedicated to the belief that lifelong habits of the mind and heart are formed in the elementary and middle school years.  Chapin provides a richly textured education that inspires academic achievement and builds strength of character.  Within a diverse, caring and supportive community, we prepare our students to meet the future with skill, confidence, determination and generosity of spirit.

Chapin's Philosophy

We believe that students learn best in a supportive, encouraging and diverse community. Chapin shares a commitment to each child's academic, emotional, ethical, creative, physical, and social development.  In small classes that promote active learning, dedicated faculty create environments where critical thinking, effective communication, creativity and curiosity flourish.  Encountering challenges that lead to success, students develop a positive sense of self. A strong commitment to Chapin's five virtues (respect, responsibility, honesty, kindness, and perseverance) foster an environment for character development that complements our rigorous academic programs.