SUSTAINABILITY: Chapin Grows Green!

"The basic value of a sustainable society, the ecological equivalent of the Golden Rule, is simple: each generation should meet its needs without jeopardizing the prospects for future generations to meet their own needs." 
—Alan Durning, How Much Is Enough?

In keeping with the belief that “lifelong habits of the mind and heart are formed in the elementary and middle school years,” Chapin seeks to instructively and creatively involve all students in environmentally-conscious activities and practices.

Encouraging students to be aware of the ecological consequences of their behavior is consistent with our commitment to Chapin’s five virtues and our mission to build strength of character in our students. Through experiential learning opportunities and with the participation of the entire Chapin community, we are striving to create an enduring culture of sustainability and a generation of respectful, responsible stewards of our Earth’s limited resources.