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Respect |  Responsibility  | Honesty | Kindness  | Perseverance

Central to every student’s daily life, the virtues are woven into the curriculum, in the language we use, and in the very essence of the school. Sometimes, they are discussed in relation to the themes of a book being read. Sometimes they are the topic of weekly Morning Meetings. Sometimes they become the focus of a teachable moment on the playground.

Our students come to know that the five virtues purposefully ground and guide them through every step of their lives at home and at school.

We all dream that our children will be successful in their careers, whatever that means for their individual passions. In our hearts, we know that means so little unless they are successful as citizens, as partners, as parents, as siblings, as friends. The dream we all share is that the world is full of good people. At Chapin School Princeton, we help that dream come true, one child at a time.