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Honor Code

Chapin's Honor Code provides a focus for the school's commitment to foster the ethical and social development of its students. It seeks to promote a community that holds personal integrity and mutual respect as standards for behavior. More than just a set of rules, the Honor Code is a set of ethical standards by which a person can live both in and out of school.

Central to the concept of the Honor Code is an understanding that this system is based upon trust and responsibility. Every student has the right to be trusted in his or her personal and academic life, and this right is inevitably bound to the duty and obligation to be truthful and honorable. Students are also expected to use their influence to encourage honorable conduct among all fellow students.

The Honor Code is designed to complement Chapin's Character Development Program. As such, the Honor Code uses The Five Virtues - respect, responsibility, honesty, kindness and perseverance - as its foundation.

Respect: Students will conduct themselves and treat other members of the community and their property with dignity and high regard. Students will be responsive to the needs and concerns of others and will show care for school and personal property.

Responsibility: Students will behave, both in and out of school, in a manner that contributes positively to the academic climate and general welfare of the community. Students will be held accountable for their choices.

Honesty: Students will be truthful in their words, actions, and behavior. The Honor Code implies a trust that each student will do homework, tests, and other forms of work alone, unless directed to do otherwise; will carefully cite and document all sources; and will use the property of others only with permission of the owner. The signature of a student following the Honor Pledge ("I have neither given nor received aid on this assignment") reaffirms that the work submitted represents his or her own efforts.

Kindness: Students will show consideration and compassion toward others in their thoughts, words, and actions. If a student in grades 6 - 8 appears to have violated the spirit of the Honor Code, the matter will be heard by the Honor Council. The Head of Upper School and/or the Head of School will handle violations involving students in the fifth grade.
Perseverance:  Students will set appropriate goals and will persist in meeting all commitments and obligations.