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Student Character Committee

When the Character Development Program was first established, Chapin had already integrated a great deal of activities that fell under Character Development, such as Community Service Projects, Family Groups, and a Leadership Class.

To make the program more inclusive and purposeful, the school created both a faculty and a student committee. The Faculty Character Development Committee develops an overarching theme for the year, with ideas of ways to infuse that theme into the life of the school.

The Student Character Committee (SCC)  implements hands-on activities, such as making banners for each of the virtues, hanging quotes related to the virtues throughout the school, and visiting Lower School classrooms. The SCC’s involvement with Lower School classes is probably the most popular and rewarding aspect of its work. During their visits to classrooms, SCC members read to students, conduct discussions about relevant topics, put on theme based puppet shows, or might engage younger students in an activity aimed at teaching them about friendship, sharing, or problem solving. It is through these activities that our older students become role models for our younger students and begin reinforcing what it means to be a good person, a person of character.