First Grade



First grade is a time when children begin a major transition in their intellectual growth.  They begin to approach the world more logically.  This year is a key year in terms of both social and academic growth.  First graders love to manipulate things.  Hands-on, experiential learning and design-process activities are a major component of the curriculum. Individual differences and learning styles are becoming clearer.  Some students may prefer working in groups; others prefer concrete tasks on their own. Some students grasp concepts quickly; others need more time for growth.   The first grader is extremely open and eager to learn all she or he can. Curiosity, imagination, and enthusiasm are at their peak at this point in a child’s life.  It is a critical year for forming good work habits and attitudes.

First Grade is a building block in the strong foundation they will need for continued success at Chapin. The first grade curriculum helps children to explore the world through all of their academic disciplines in our immersive thematic units. Rich children’s literature is a starting point to helping them experience the wonders of the many different topics that interest and tantalize the first grade mind. They will travel to Antarctica for a math, language arts, and science unit about penguins.  Explore solids and liquids to discover and apply the scientific method, as well as have a great deal of fun!  

First graders become farmers and learn all about planting corn and the different farm animal on their trip to Howell Living History Farm.  They then use this knowledge to design and build their own farm in an integrated math unit toward the end of the year. Several other trips will help to highlight our many themes.