Kindergarten at Chapin


A Kindergarten child is developing intellectually, socially, emotionally, and morally within the context of a complex community. In support of each child, the Kindergarten classroom provides a safe and caring environment in which children can make sense of their experiences.  Kindergarten students are engaged in a continuous learning journey. They are exposed to different types of learning styles, study many themes, and engage in social experiences.  The students make connections to the world around them, acquire a love of learning, gain confidence in their abilities, take risks, and grow socially and emotionally throughout the year. We believe that children should have the following experiences in Kindergarten: 

Collaborative work and planned purposeful play time

Meaningful individual and group experiences    

Opportunities to think about their learning

Opportunities to form memorable friendships

Activities that will further develop large and small muscle coordination

It is important for Kindergarten students to learn how to function within a group in order to experience the joys of being and learning together.  We strive to help children find a comfort level with the following social goals: 

Being away from home   

Developing relationships and investing in learning at school

 Exhibiting responsibility for one’s belongings and taking on additional responsibilities in the classroom

 Developing mutual respect toward each other’s ideas, feelings, and personal space

Becoming more independent, learning to make compromises, dealing with frustration, and managing transitions

Accepting and following directions, routines, and classroom rules

Developing self-regulation strategies and habits

Developing self-confidence by speaking in front of others, participating in group activities, and making individual choices