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Chapin's Math Program

Keeping Students on the Right Path

We take math seriously. More importantly, we believe that a student should always work at the highest level of their ability. Beginning with our youngest students, we carefully plan a student’s path through their math journey at Chapin to maximize each student's mathematical potential - and prepare them at every step of their education. 

Our youngest learners take classes that match their math skills while preparing them for their academic future. Our older students have many options that fit perfectly into preparation for high school, college, and career pathways. Most Chapin students have already completed Algebra before high school, and all are prepared for it by graduation. Students need to be ready for the next step in their math career, whatever that means for the individual. 

An advanced mathematical student will most likely follow this path: 

  • 6th Grade Advanced Pre-Algebra → 7th Grade Algebra 1 →8th Grade Geometry

On-level students might follow two potential paths:

  • Path One: 6th Grade Pre-Algebra → 7th Grade Algebra Part 1 → 8th Grade Algebra Part 2
  • Path Two: 6th Grade Pre-Algebra Part 1 → 7th Grade Pre-Algebra Part 2 → 8th Grade Intro to Algebra