Curricular Integration

Examples of Curricular Integration

Continued from article, "1:1 iPad Program Launched at Chapin."

Here are some examples of how iPads have been integrated into our academic subjects, transforming the way our teachers teach and our students learn:

Math – Areas of Polygons: Using an app called Geoboard and GeoGebra Algebraic Expressions and another app called Explain Everything to record themselves solving a problem and sharing that with classmates and teachers. 

Science – Boyle’s & Charles’ Laws about the Properties of Gases: Use Gas Laws HD app to see 3D interactive lessons and examples. For Atomic Theory, students create a book using Book Creator App explaining the history and development of such. By using the Side-by-Side app, students can have multiple websites open simultaneously.  This has really helped them with their flipped classroom work in science.

English: Students are using the Subtext app that allows them to respond individually to questions on their first novel and to participate in virtual discussions where everyone gets a chance to respond and/or ask a question.

World Languages: Create a monologue using one of the apps discussing likes and dislikes about leisure time and food in the specific culture. For example, a multidimensional learning app for Spanish called Tiny Tap allows students to hear vocabulary spoken by a native speaker, identify objects visually, practice math facts in Spanish, and so on.