Replacement, Enhancement and Innovation

Three Purposes of iPad Program


In terms of replacement, the use of traditional note-taking can now be done on the iPad with greater ease of access online. Students now have the option to replace paper notes with digital notes that are easier to reference over a long period of time. This can dramatically improve their study, homework and review time.

The combination of audiovisual materials presented on an iPad can enhance students’ interest in learning while accommodating their different learning styles. For example, if the teacher has assigned a Math problem, students can now record the process of how they solve the Math problem and present the process with the result to the teacher. Students can also record their presentation and solutions to a problem and share with the rest of the class.

The innovation of learning activities start with the multitude of educational apps available to students and teachers nowadays. For example, for World Languages, students can now listen to native speakers, play back as many times as needed, and record their own version of the speech or conversation on the iPad. Now, every student will have the opportunity to speak and converse in the language and submit so to the teacher for correction. Again, that’s something the student was not able to do before with limited class time when only a few students were selected to speak up or answer questions. Teachers can now review the student’s recording from home and instruct accordingly.