Resources and Facilities

Design Lab

The new Design Lab, funded through a generous grant by a former Chapin family. The space brings opportunities for differentiated instruction, design thinking, problem solving, imagination, creativity -- and for making connections with classmates.

Technology Centers

Chapin has two technology centers – one dedicated to the Lower School and one dedicated for the Upper School. Each center has appropriate presentation technology and a printer.


Some of the more commonly used applications include Microsoft Office, Adobe’s Creative Suite for graphics editing, animations and web design.  KidPix for graphics creation in the Lower School, Inspiration and Kidspiration for visual diagrams, Tom Snyder Productions Timeliner for creating timelines, TypingMaster for keyboarding.  Various reading and math programs for the elementary level, and a library of other subject specific software are also used. 

Instructional Technology

Each academic classroom, many co-curricular classrooms, and several common spaces are equipped with either an interactive projector, or a projector and an interactive whiteboard.  In addition, many classrooms have document cameras.  In grades where iPads have been implemented, there are Apple TV's as well as the means to display an iPad on a computer screen.

1:1 Technology

Starting 2014, the school began a 1:1 iPad implementation in the sixth grade.  Over the next few years this program will grow to includes grades three through eight. 


Chapin maintains separate cable and fiber-optic connections to the Internet with a rate up to 55 Mbps.  There is a firewall and an Internet site filter in place.  All computers have the capability to access the Internet through the filter which accesses a real time updated filter list.  Additionally, Chapin maintains daily updated antivirus software on all of its computers.  It has a fiber backbone of 2 to 20 Gb connecting all of its main buildings with 100 Mb to 1Gb connections to individual computers.

Technology Beyond the Classroom

The school provides students and parents with additional communication and educational resources for classes through our website and other Internet based services.  This facilitates the classroom moving beyond the confines of the school building and becoming more accessible at other times and in other places.  A major part of this has been cloud computing and web 2.0 tools. The school uses Google Apps for Education for document creation, sharing, collaboration, and storage, as well as Office 365 for email and additional document creation, sharing and storage options.  Glogster, Voicethread, and Noodle Tools are a few of the notable web 2.0 tools Chapin is using.