Technology Strategic Plan

Chapin has developed a three-year Technology Strategic Plan that articulates the school’s vision for technology and provides a road map for implementation. The plan focuses on four main areas:

  1. Nuts and Bolts – Defining the school’s needs for infrastructure technology, hardware and software.
  2. Transforming Education – Exploring the ideas, people, and training needed to transform how we teach and how students learn.
  3. Digital Citizenship – Establishing how we teach students about the acceptable use of technology, the ethical standards of “digital citizenship,” appropriate and self-protective on-line behavior, and how that relates to Chapin’s five virtues.
  4. Measurement of Progress – Evaluating the progress as increasingly sophisticated use of technology in instruction moves up the SAMR model:
  • Substitution – Technology acts as a direct substitute for things already being done.
  • Augmentation – Technology acts to enhance instruction.
  • Modification – Technology allows for significant changes in the form of instruction.
  • Redefinition – Technology allows for the creation of new tasks and skills previously inconceivable without new technology.

With a Strategic Plan in place, Chapin is making a major investment in infrastructure, networks, training and hardware.  The plan is a comprehensive guide to promote greater and more meaningful integration of technology into the daily life of our students.  Our overarching goal is to ensure that our children become responsible, well-prepared “digital citizens.”