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Sixth - Eighth Grade

Sixth - Eighth Grade Curriculum Overview

Curricular Highlights

Sixth Grade: Sentence Diagramming
Grammar, sentence structure, and usage can often be difficult for students. One way to understand how to write better sentences and read for deeper comprehension is to understand the structure of a sentence through diagramming. Sentence diagramming breaks down sentences into their parts of speech into a graph showing how those parts contribute to the whole. This is a traditional way to learn, but also fits our modern sense of “learning by application” as opposed to memorization of abstract rules and terms.

Seventh Grade: Creative Syntax through Poetry
Seventh graders in Mr. Gallagher’s English class made poems using pages from Rodman Philbrick’s Freak the Mighty. Erasure or “blackout” poems allow for creative syntax and interesting visual arrays, and give the writer/artist an opportunity to find new meaning within a text.

Eighth Grade: Hands-on Learning
Eighth grade Science has been a busy place. They have been doing dissections of worms, grasshoppers, sea stars, and frogs.