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Why a Pre-K Through 8th Grade School?

Why do families continue to choose Chapin School, a Pre-K through eighth grade school? The research is telling us what we always knew. Kids feel safer, have a “greater sense of belonging” and are better prepared academically when they attend a school without a high school (Kamenetz).

Our curriculum is designed specifically to meet the education and developmental needs of students in Pre-K through 8th grade and prepare students for high school - and beyond. Chapin students are scientists, writers, researchers, photographers, coders, and so much more. They are performers on stage in front of their peers. They are creative visual artists and inspiring musicians. They are captains and team players on the athletic field. They are active members of their communities and global citizens. They are the leaders of tomorrow.

The Chapin Advantage

Building a Strong Academic Foundation for Future Success
PreK through 8th-grade are the most formative years for children. We intentionally design age-appropriate and hands-on learning programs for our students so they can reach their potential. Additionally, the continuity of teachers, classmates, traditions, and activities provides us with insightful knowledge of children’s unique learning styles and personalities. The security that comes with this stability gives students more freedom to focus on strengthening their own self-awareness and self-esteem.

Letting Children be Children
Our culture and community provide a safe and healthy learning environment in which our students grow, without growing up too fast. They experience relevant activities and events without the social influence and pressure of older, high school students. We ensure each student is supported throughout their Chapin journey so they can have a confident transition to secondary school.

Becoming Leaders
Our students have ample opportunities to get involved in the Chapin community and hone their leadership skills. Students in our lower grades look up to our middle schoolers as role models and our middle school students don’t feel like they get lost in the middle as they would in a K through 12 school. Students and teachers of all grades take part in our Family Group Program and come together for activities. Through Student Council, academic teams, starring roles in school musicals, team captainships, and presenting at Morning Meeting, students are more than prepared to take on new challenges in high school.

Choosing a High School that is a Right Fit is a Team Effort
Eighth graders being involved in the high school decision process, along with the support of parents and Chapin, stimulates their passion for learning and better prepares them for their high school experience. Students have learned how to advocate for themselves and by eighth grade, have a better sense of their strengths, talents, and interests and what type of school setting meets their needs. We guide families throughout secondary school process so children can find a high school that will allow them to thrive.

Creating an Engaged Community
The close-knit Chapin community leads to lifelong friendships and connections that can guide Chapin graduates throughout their lives. Students have an increased sense of belonging and strong teacher-to-student relationships. Parents also reap the benefits and have ample opportunities to get involved and share in their children’s educational journey. Chapin School Princeton can feel like a second home to families, and we strive to create a community of engaged learners, engaged parents, and engaged teachers.

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