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Lower School Lowdown: Design Lab

Private School Maker Space 

As part of their research on Native American culture, Chapin third graders have been working in the design lab. In pairs or small groups, they are recreating important aspects of their tribe's life.  Some are creating homes, modes of travel, or other art pieces that epitomize Native American culture.

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Inspiring: Winona Guo '13

Chapin Alumna Winona Guo '13 returned to Chapin to present  Choose the organization she cofounded with her friend, Priya Vulchi. Our faculty participated in a thought-provoking and enlightening discussion, driven by Choose's mission "to overcome racism and inspire harmony through exposure, education, and empowerment."   The ideas were thought-provoking, the issues challenging, but we also were beaming with pride at all that Winona has accomplished as just a Harvard-bound high school senior.
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Why an Elementary and Middle School without a High School?

Private Schools with Elementary Schools and Middle Schools but no High School

Understanding the Benefits of a Pre-K Through Grade 8 Community

The research is telling us what Chapin School Princeton always knew. Kids feel safer, have a “greater sense of belonging” and are better prepared academically (Kamenetz). Why is this so?


At Chapin School Princeton, all of our time, effort and resources are focused on elementary and middle school children.


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Mandarin Chinese

One of the many great aspects of the Chapin experience is that our students don’t have to wait until high school to be inspired by new challenges. Chapin School Princeton is one of the few private schools in the area to offer Mandarin Chinese to elementary and middle school students. Our students are truly ready for the world!

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Upper School Leaders attend Middle School Leadership Conference

Middle School Leaders in Private School

Student leaders of the Student Council, Honor Council, and Character Committee attended sessions that examined the definition of leadership and helped them develop skills to face the daily challenges of being a leader. Over 140 middle school students from a dozen independent, private schools attended four sessions focused on identifying and refining leadership styles. Chapin was the only school from the greater Princeton area, so our students were able to make friendships with a variety of other students from the Philadelphia area.

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Gardening Fun at Chapin School Princeton!

Chapin School Princeton students love to garden, and our garden is a huge part of our Sustainability program. The garden is central to school life, providing food for Chef G's lunches and curriculum for classes in every grade from prekindergarten through eighth grade. 
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2nd Grade Reading All-Stars!

The Chapin School Princeton 2nd graders were excited to present their brilliant writing to the Chapin faculty and administration!  After strutting down the red carpet, the second graders proudly read from their latest masterpieces as the audiences sat in rapt attention. Weeks of hard work and many revisions resulted in a critical smash hit. Bravo! Award Season awaits! 
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