The Five Virtues



Lower School  - Treat others as you expect to be treated.
Upper School – Expect the best treatment for yourself and treat others in the same manner through your words and actions.

Examples of Respectful Behavior:

To Self
Take pride in your appearance, actions and behavior. 
Show regard for self by refusing to do harm to yourself. 
To Others

Accept and appreciate the differences and uniqueness of people. 
Be courteous and polite.  Demonstrate good manners. 
Show regard for parents, school staff and other community leaders. 
Toward the Environment 

Make respectful decisions about how you treat the natural world. 
Show regard for animals and other living things and their habitats. 
For Property 

Value the property of others. 
Take pride in the appearance and condition of our school and community. 
For Country 

Properly attend to the Pledge of Allegiance, The National Anthem and the flag. 



Lower School – Do the right thing.
Upper School – Choose to do the right thing in your thoughts, words and actions and be accountable for your choices. 

Examples of Responsible Behavior:

To Self 

Be reliable and accountable. 
Set a good example. 
To Others 

Follow through with your commitments. 
Be responsive to the concerns and needs of others. 

To School 

Complete assignments on time to the best of your ability. 
Take care of school equipment, property, buildings and grounds. 
Cooperate in the learning process. 
Be punctual. 
Follow school rules and procedures. 

To Family 

Take on chores and complete them. 
Represent family in a positive manner. 

To Community 

Represent Chapin in a positive manner when out in the larger community. 
Contribute to the community by following its policies and rules. 



Lower School – Tell the truth.
Upper School – Be truthful in your thoughts, words and actions. 

Examples of Honest Behavior:

To Self:  

Act in such a way that you are worthy of trust. 
Display integrity in your words, actions and behavior. 
To Others: 

Do what is right. 
Don’t lie, cheat, steal, deceive, mislead or betray a trust. 
Be sincere and genuine. 



Lower School – Be nice to others.
Upper School – Show consideration and compassion toward others and their feelings by way of your thoughts, words, and actions.

Examples of Kind Behavior:

To Self: 

Accept both your strengths and weaknesses. 
Take good care of yourself. 
To Others: 

Be a reliable and trustworthy friend. 
Participate in community service. 
Be an active listener. 
Make an effort to help others. 
Share with others. 
To Family: 

Treat family members with kindness. 
Be there for your family. 



Lower School – Try and try again.
Upper School – Show in your thoughts, words and actions a commitment to a goal.  

Examples of Persevering:

To Self: 

Don't give up!  Ever!
Achieve your goals and meet your commitments. 
Seek help to enable you to solve problems and overcome obstacles. 
Accept new challenges that will lead to growth. 
Work to maintain relationships.