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Why is Chapin such a great place to teach?

Chapin’s faculty is the enduring heart, mind and soul of our school.  Chapin is deeply committed to attracting and retaining teachers of the highest quality.  For when all is said and done, no factor contributes more significantly to the quality of a school’s educational program than the quality of its teachers.

So, here are 14 good reasons to teach at Chapin:

Small School
Chapin is, and will forever be, a small school.  Although increasing the size of the school would be financially advantageous, we believe fervently, and there is research to back it up, that a small elementary school is critical to providing an outstanding educational program.  Chapin is small enough that every child is known. 
Small Classes 
Chapin is also committed to preserving its small classes.  There is no class larger than 16 in the Lower School  (grades prekindergarten - 4) and 17 in the Upper School (grades 5-8).  Instructional groups for reading/English and mathematics are even smaller (8 to 10 per class).  Small classes are considered essential in providing the personal attention that is a hallmark of a Chapin education.

Rigorous Curriculum
Our academic program is first rate; it is rich and deep.  Our graduates are superbly prepared to meet the challenge of high school both as students and leaders.

Strength of Character
Chapin is committed to enhancing the moral life of its students.  Chapin’s Character Development Program, based on the five virtues of respect, responsibility, honesty, kindness and perseverance, seeks to establish and promote a learning community in which teachers and students alike seek to have a good life by living a good life.  We view Chapin as a place to learn about being a good person. 

Diversity Matters
Chapin believes in diversity - diversity of all kinds.  Our academic program strives to provide a broad spectrum of ideas, cultures and traditions.  Our students bring to the school a rich heritage of backgrounds.  Thirty-four percent of our student body are students of color. A generous financial aid program provides socioeconomic diversity.  We are eager to increase the diversity of our faculty, and Chapin welcomes candidates who would add to the diversity of our community.

It’s All About our Students
Our students are bright, motivated and genuinely want to learn.  They come to Chapin with a broad diversity of backgrounds, talents and interests.  They are the best part about working at Chapin.

Supportive Parents
Chapin’s parents make a significant financial investment in their child’s education. They are unusually involved and committed to Chapin and its mission. They care deeply about their child’s education.

Sense of Community
One of the defining characteristics of Chapin is its sense of community.  Nurtured over many years, there is a tradition of caring and commitment to the school and to all of  its people that is very special.  Some people search their whole lives for a true sense of community.  For so many of us – students, faculty, staff and parents – Chapin is our community.

Commitment to Faculty
Chapin’s Board of Trustees has made a strong commitment to its faculty as the critical element in the educational process.  In addition to salaries and benefits competitive with other local independent schools, the school strongly encourages and supports extensive professional development opportunities such as:

  • financial support for attendance at workshops and conferences
  • financial support for graduate study
  • no-interest loans for computer purchases
  • Wellness Program offering exercise classes, workshops and training
  • partial tuition remission for faculty children

Teaching Independence
As a private, independent school, Chapin is relatively free from government control and regulations.  As a result, the school is free to do what it feels is in the best interest of children.  Teachers, therefore, have enormous freedom and flexibility to teach in a way that they feel is most effective.  Of course, we have a curriculum with clear expectations, but our teachers have the freedom to fully use their creative talents and abilities.  Faculty members are also significantly involved in developing and evaluating the curriculum.

A Fun, Collegial Environment
We care deeply about those we work with at Chapin.  The school has developed a strong tradition of collegiality that makes teaching at Chapin lively, fun and adventuresome.  Yes, a lot is expected of our faculty, but we all work together to do what is best for children.

Sustainability for the Future
Our sustainability initiatives will ultimately affect most everything we do. 

Fabulous Food
Our chef came to us from Le Cirque in New York City.  He is a master chef and we enjoy a lot of good food.  Chapin is a very food-oriented place. 

The Chapin Magic
It’s hard to define or to put into words, but there is something very special about Chapin.  All of the school’s strengths come together in a unique way to provide the magic of a Chapin education. 

For all these reasons, Chapin provides a warm, supportive environment in which to teach and learn. Although teaching at Chapin is hard work and a lot is expected of all faculty members, it is a career that is deeply rewarding and satisfying. 

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