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Why is a Great Arts and Music Curriculum Important?

The Chapin School Arts Curriculum includes detailed instruction in music, visual arts and drama. Children can benefit from being exposed to the arts early in life.


Arts Curriculum

Teaching children the arts offers them untold opportunities as they grow into adulthood. It also instills in them a sense of creativity that allows them to be more productive in other areas of their lives. Having a well-rounded arts curriculum is one of the best ways to expose young children to music, art, dramatic acting and other types of creative expression.

Early Instruction

The earlier children are exposed to the arts, the quicker they will pick up particular skills. This allows them to hone their talents and apply what they learn to other aspects of their life. From prekindergarten on, children can participate in seasonal programs, while older children begin to play instruments alone or in small groups. This early instruction gives them a head start and builds the groundwork for future advancement.

Music And Drama

From instrumental music to drama, children can learn to play multiple instruments, sing and participate in seasonal, dramatic and musical programs. Exposure to various types of art encourages them to explore different mediums, tools and techniques that can be used in a variety of ways. Whether children choose to play an instrument or opt for more dramatic endeavors, older children are encouraged to push their limits and explore the depths of their talent.

Visual Arts

Children who choose to pursue the visual arts are offered instruction in a variety of mediums, including sculpture, acrylic paints, oil paints, clay, textiles, and pen and ink drawing. The visual arts can lead to a variety of popular careers, including web and graphic design.Students who are enrolled in the arts programs at Chapin School are afforded the best available art curriculum possible. Parents who choose Chapin School can rest assured their children are receiving the highest-quality education. Our arts instruction can give children a deep appreciation of the beauty that can be found in the world around them. They also will give children the tools they need to explore their own creativity and bring their dreams to life.


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