End of the Year Awards

Elizabeth S. Travers Reading Award       

This award honors the memory of Ms. Travers who was both a reading teacher, and Headmistress at Chapin from 1953-1956. This award recognized dramatic growth in the ability to read and the enjoyment of reading.                  

Marlon Enriquez

Thomas E. Thompson Endeavor Award 

This award is presented to a Lower School student whose attitude towards others and participation in the life of Chapin best reflects the standards of sensitivity, cooperation, purpose, and school spirit exemplified by our retired Headmaster Thomas E. Thompson.

Lucy Melchior

Donald V. Reed Jr., Physical Education Award

This award is in memory of Donald V. Reed, Jr., who was a trustee, coach, and mentor to both students and teachers, and a long-time friend of Chapin athletics. It is presented for positive attitude and outstanding effort in physical education class and extra-curricular sports programs.          

James O’Neill, Kyla Wilby

Kim Procaccino Arts Award        

This award is given by the Procaccino family in memory of Kimberly jean Procaccino, Class of 1971, for enthusiasm and originality in the arts program.                             

Art:  Anny Shi     Drama: Hannah Evju   Music:  Avery Sichel

Intellectual Curiosity Award  

This award is presented for inquisitiveness, breadth of interest, and a probing intellect in the Humanities.                                     

Aarav Hathiramani

Foreign language Award

Established in 1995, this award recognizes outstanding achievement in the study of foreign language. Written and verbal proficiency, as well as understanding and appreciation of cultural identities, are criteria for the award.                     

French: Aria Kartar Sangha     Spanish:  Edward Kelley

Roberts History Prize

This award is presented for curiosity, effort, and achievement in social studies.                  

Matthew Piasecki

James B. Pierce Mathematics and Science Awards       

This award is given by the Peirce family in memory of James B. Peirce, father of Nathaniel W. Peirce, Headmaster of Chapin from 1987 to 1992, to honor Nathaniel Peirce’s tenure and to stimulate and encourage the study of both mathematics and science. The award recognizes conspicuous interest, curiosity, effort, and achievement in the fields of mathematics and/or science.

Math: Edward Kelley, Anny Shi  

Science:  Dhillon Choudhri, Lily Tsahalis

 Mildred Brown Reading Award

This award is for outstanding progress in reading, given in memory of Mildred M. Brown, a colleague of Frances Chapin.                     

Kunlun Quinn Liu

Margaret A. Wilby Character Award      

Given in memory of Margaret A. Wilby, this recognizes a student who, over a long tenure at Chapin, has consistently practiced the virtues of good character, demonstrated a generosity of spirit, and engaged in the life of the community with warmth and openness.  The recipient of this award may be a student who often works behind the scenes, without drawing attention to herself or himself, as well as one who works to build community connections and inclusivity.

James O’Neill

 Olga Tomec Smith Citizenship Award

This award is for conduct exemplifying the Chapin tradition, given in memory of Olga Tomec Smith, headmistress of Chapin from 1956 to 1968.                          

Kyla Wilby

 Chapin Parents’ Association Community Award

This award is presented by the Parents’ Association for enthusiastic participation in, and significant contribution to, the life of the Chapin community.

Kunlun Quinn Liu

Trustees Award

This award is presented for a positive and constructive attitude in the classroom and conduct among fellow students that constitutes outstanding citizenship.

Efem-David Egbe,  Samuel Segal

Frances Chapin Award

This award is given in memory of Frances Jordan Chapin to the member of the graduation class whose high academic standing and positive spirit best exemplify the ideals of the founder of the school. This is Chapin’s highest award.                          

Anny Shi