School Events

Parents' Association Family BBQ

One of the favorite events of the Chapin family is the annual Family BBQ sponsored by the Parents' Association.  All Chapin families, including siblings, faculty, trustees, and recent alumni gather for an evening of good food, good cheer, and good company. It's a great way to begin the new school year!


In late September, parents are invited to spend an evening at Chapin to meet their child's teachers and to get an overview of academic life for the year. Separate nights are held for the Lower School and Upper School parents.

Book Fair

In November, the Parents' Association sponsors its annual Book Fair. Parents and students browse and purchase a wide selection of handpicked, high quality books. This Book Fair provides our additional literary resources to our school.

Eighth Grade Play


One of the highlights of the eighth grade year is when the whole class combines to perform its annual ensemble play.  Every year hidden talents emerge, and all of the students band together to put on a memorable performance.

Holiday Music Programs

Each December, our students provide joyful music and good cheer for the holidays.  All parents are invited, and there are separate programs for the Lower School and Upper School students.

Ice Cream Bingo Bash

Parents and students beat the winter blues away with a fun, lively evening of bingo each January.   This event, which is sponsored by our Parents' Association, is very popular with both the parents and the students.  Like all Chapin events, the food is both delicious and plentiful.

Curriculum Fair

Once a year in early February, the sixth, seventh and eighth graders, display their research and academic abilities at the Curriculum Fair.  The students work on a long term project, and then they visually present their findings on a Sunday using a variety of media.  The sixth graders create their projects on a science topic, the seventh graders on a social studies topic, and the eighth graders can choose any area of study.

Loaves and Fishes Soup Kitchen

Each February, Chapin takes on the responsibility of organizing and serving a lunch meal to more than 500 people at Trenton's Loaves and Fishes Soup Kitchen. This massive effort, which depends on the support and participation of the entire school family, is just one way that Chapin reinforces the importance of service to others.

Earth Day

Each April Chapin celebrates Earth Day with an assembly and special activities designed to reinforce in our students the importance of preserving our planet's natural resources.  This event is only for students and faculty.

The Runathon is perhaps Chapin's most cherished annual event.  For 41 consecutive years, parents, students, faculty, trustees, alumni and friends have come together on a Saturday in April to walk or run around the Chapin course.  With individual pledges and corporate support, funds are raised to benefit a local charity, selected by the Student Council, and Chapin's Financial Aid Fund.  The event has supported, among others, Big Brothers/Big Sisters, the Sunshine Foundation, United Cerebral Palsy's Camp Hollowbrook, Rainbow House, the Stony Brook-Millstone Watershed Association, the Loaves & Fishes Soup Kitchen, Woman Space, Habitat for Humanity, and HomeFront. 

Princeton Common Ground Speaker Series

Chapin was one of the founding members of Common Ground, a consortium of local independent schools that annually sponsor three nationally acclaimed speakers. Hosted by member schools, these speakers discuss issues relating to education and parenting.

Arts Night

In the spring, the Music and Art Departments collaborate on an evening showcase of visual and musical talent. the art studio is open and brimming with student art while students perform in the gallery. This is also the night that the school's literary magazine is unveiled and selections are read.

Sports Day

At the end of the year, Chapin has for many years held its annual Sports Day.  Organized and coordinated by our Physical Education teachers, students spend the day competing in a series of athletic events.  Of course, there is good food and music, and the inevitable dancing provides a wonderful flavor to the day.

Prize Day

Just before graduation, we acknowledge and celebrate the academic achievement of our students.  Awards are given in a number of academic areas, and the eighth graders also receive awards. Parents are invited to attend.


Chapin's academic year culminates with the graduation of our eighth graders. In a very special ceremony, as faculty members speak about each student in a personal, often humorous way that could only happen in a small, intimate school like Chapin. With a mixture of joy and sadness, we wish our graduates a fond farewell.


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