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Welcome Back!

We hope that you will take this opportunity to browse Chapin's Web site and catch up with your old school.  Depending on when you attended, things may look differently from what you remember, but the essence of the Chapin experience for today's students is much the same as it was for you.  Once you've had a chance to see what we're doing here on campus, please click on the Alumni Update, update your infomation if it has changed and let us know what you've been up to. 

Photos for Class Notes in Chapin Today are always appreciated.  You can e-mail them directly to Sharon Gomberg.  A personal campus visit, of course, is the best way to re-connect, and you are all welcome to stop by.  How about attending one of the alumni events?  We'd love to see you!

Contact Us

Karin Morse
Director of Development
Phone:  609-924-9251
Sharon Gomberg
Director of Parent & Alumni Relations and Events
Phone: 609-924-7206


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