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Chapin School Board of Trustees 2017-2018

The Chapin School Board of Trustees is the primary governing body of the school.  It functions according to by-laws established in 1951 and most recently revised in 2014.  The Board bylaws provide for up to 24 term trustees, eight of whom must be parents of current students at the time of their election.  The Board is responsible for the establishment of policy, the appointment of the Head of School, and the preservation of the school's mission, finances, facilities, and programs.  

The Head of School and the President of the Parents' Association are ex officio members of the Board of Trustees.

Chapin is accredited by the Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools and the New Jersey Association of Independent School (NJAIS), and most recently reaccredited in 2015.  The school is also a member of the National Association of Independent Schools (NAIS).
Christiana Foglio P’17
Vice President
Phiroze Rao P’12 ’14 ’21
Ben Bickford P’16 ’20 ’22
Jeff Russo P’13 ’16


Cathy Batterman P’09 ’11 ’14
Chetan Bhargiri P’16 ’20
Dina Brewer P’14 ’14 ’16, (Charter Trustee)
Anders Evju P’16 ’18 ’19
Jamie Griswold P’15 ’18, (Charter Trustee)
Anjna Kumar P’11 ’14
David Laws P’17 ’19 
Joanna Gordon Martin P’00 ’02 ’12 ’14 ’19, (Charter Trustee)
George McClellan P’20
Kristin McLaughlin P’12 ’16
Amy Price P’17 ’17
Maryanne Quinn P’14 ’17
Deborah Pereira Repko P’20
Sukhi Hothi-Sangha P’18 ’22
Patrizia Thomas P’17 ’20
Peter Tsahalis P’18
James Walters P’15 ’18 ’21
Peter Wilby P’94 ’00 ’06 ’12 ’18, (Charter Trustee)
Sean Woodroffe P’15 ’18, (Charter Trustee)
Ex Officio Members
Andrea Corpening P'17 PA President
Barbara P. Pasteris Head of School
Honorary Trustees
William Jannen, Jr., P'80, President Emeritus
Daniel Zinsser P'98, Trustee Emeritus
Faith Conger P'72 '73 '75 Honorary Trustee
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