Ben Sacco

Benjamin Sacco, Class of 2010

Upon presentation of Ben's diploma, this speech was delivered at the Class of 2010 Graduation by faculty member Mark Lederer:
As Yogi Berra once said, “It ain’t over, ‘til it’s over.”   It’s not quite over yet, you still have to get through the next few minutes...the English teachers will have to forgive me for using a series of pitching metaphors to describe what I see in Ben.

The Fastball: Ben’s desire to achieve usually brought him quickly to where he wanted to be.  He wanted to make sure he was doing the right thing when answering a question or doing a project.  Ben’s intuition told him that not every situation was the same and he was always looking for the way through the task at hand.  Ben could often make a straight line to the central point of a topic quickly.  When he focuses on his target the result is amazing.  I was often impressed with his ideas and how he expressed them in his writing.

The Curve: Another of Ben’s traits is curiosity.  When he embarked on a path of discovery there was no way to be sure where he would end.  He always wanted to know things and understand them.  Despite my joking about it, Ben’s questioning helped him follow whatever meandering path his curiosity took him down.  It was a pleasure to help him along that way.

The Change-up: He has an easy going way about him, with a great sense of humor and appreciates it in others as well.  I enjoyed his ability to alternate a seriousness of purpose with the ability to relax and sit-back. Slowing down when it is the right time and when it is the right place is an invaluable skill that Ben is on his way to learning.  Perhaps, like most young men his age, he is still working on his timing a bit in this regard.

The Slider: In baseball, this is the pitch that comes in tight with great force and can break bats.  Like a slider, Ben uses his determination to get right in and attack a challenge.  He brings tremendous dedication to achieving in the academic setting and on the playing field.  He is developing a good work ethic, which is a great life skill at any age. 

The Knuckleball: Ben has a great sense of humor which is sometimes quirky as well.  Like the knuckleball, the joke can come on unexpectedly taking everyone by surprise making the comment or observation even funnier.

With these qualities I am confident of your ability to meet all the challenges you will face in the next arena of your life.  To paraphrase another Yogi Berra saying, "I want you to remember that ninety percent of life is mental, the other half is physical."

I am proud to present Ben Sacco with his Chapin diploma.

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