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Chapin wins the national Green Cup Recycle Challenge!

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Eco Schools

 Led by the sixth-grade Sustainability class, Chapin has earned their first certification from Eco-Schools, a partner of the National Wildlife Association.  The sixth-grade students conducted a waste audit, brainstormed ways to reduce waste and increase recycling. Congratulations to our students on the first tier of their Eco-Schools certification!

SUSTAINABILITY: Chapin Grows Green!

"The basic value of a sustainable society, the ecological equivalent of the Golden Rule, is simple: each generation should meet its needs without jeopardizing the prospects for future generations to meet their own needs."

—Alan Durning, How Much Is Enough?

In keeping with the belief that “lifelong habits of the mind and heart are formed in the elementary and middle school years,” Chapin seeks to instructively and creatively involve all students in environmentally-conscious activities and practices.
Encouraging students to be aware of the ecological consequences of their behavior is consistent with our commitment to Chapin’s five virtues and our mission to build strength of character in our students. Through experiential learning opportunities and with the participation of the entire Chapin community, we are striving to create an enduring culture of sustainability and a generation of respectful, responsible stewards of our Earth’s limited resources. 
Private School Recycling in Princeton NJ - Chapin School Princeton
Enjoy a stroll through our photo gallery, which chronicles the creation of our garden, the first year of student activities centered around the foods grown there, and our recycling/composting program kick-off on Earth Day 2013.
Private School Gardening in Princeton NJ - Chapin School Princeton

Gardening Fun at Chapin School Princeton!

Chapin School Princeton students love to garden, and our garden is a huge part of our Sustainability program. The garden is central to school life, providing food for Chef G's lunches and curriculum for classes in every grade from prekindergarten through eighth grade. 
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