Kindergarten at Chapin

Kindergarten at Chapin follows the natural curiosities of children at this age to form the basis for inquiry and study throughout the year. With field trips to the Aquarium and Hamilton’s Grounds for Sculpture, children use the world around them to construct meaning and apply emergent skills.

The main business of kindergarten, however, is learning to read.  Through traditional phonics instruction, as well as guided reading practices, children learn sight words, phonetic decoding and the conventions of reading in small instructional groups.  Basic math concepts are conveyed through calendar activities called the daily “Number Corner” along with hands-on math games, manipulatives and paper and pencil tasks. Math in focus, a Singapore Math inspired program, is the main component of the Kindergarten math program.

Kindergarten classrooms boast high ceilings, natural light and organization that is child-centered, giving students ownership of their space and of their learning. Class size is no larger than 14 students and there are additional teachers for math and language arts instruction. For co-curricular classes such as physical education, art, music, library and for Spanish, students use the school’s full-size gymnasium, library, art studio and various other spaces.

Kindergarten is a year of wonder and excitement as children evolve to see themselves as part of a wonderful community of learners.

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