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Pre-K Explorer Corner

Here's the place to find out all of the fun and learning that's happening in our Pre-K Explorers Program!
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The Pre-K Explorers Family Share Exhibition

Chapin Pre-K Explorers Love to Sing the Virtues Song!

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Chapin Pre-Kindergarten and Kindergarten Students Have Fun at Terhune Orchards!


 Pre-K and Kindergarten Students Love Private School Field Trips!


Pre-K Explorers and Kindergarten students took advantage of the cool weather for a remarkable autumn experience at Terhune Orchards. Apples and pumpkins for everyone! 

Chapin’ s Pre-Kindergarten Explorers Learn and Have Fun!

"Mr. Fox! Mr. Fox! What time is it??"
We call our pre-k and 4-year old students “Explorers” because that’s what they do all day! They explore Chapin, the mysteries of time, color combinations, and a bunch of other super fun stuff pre-k students love!  
 Pre-K and Pre-School kids learning outside at Princeton Private School
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