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Chapin 8th grader plays music for those in need.

8th Grader Atishay Jain is a truly awe-inspiring young man. Here are his own words to describe the project he is working on:

"...Even though I cannot partake in many aspects of the community in-person at this time period, the sense of community that Chapin has established and the Chapin Virtues have taught me to make the best of what I have and spread positivity throughout the community."

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Chapin School Princeton STEAMs Across The Curriculum

This morning, Chapin's parents were invited to an introduction and demonstration of Chapin’s STEAM curriculum, which spans divisions and disciplines while preparing students for an ever-changing world. From Pre-K 3 and 4-year-old Explorers to 8th graders preparing prestigious secondary schools, Chapin’s STEAM and design process program allows them to expand the way they learn, think, imagine, and create; all of which was on full display!

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Students show their gardening work.

Chapin School Princeton recently became River-Friendly certified by achieving standards that encourage environmental stewardship in our local communities.

Chapin School Princeton installed a rain garden, minimized the amount of mowing of their grounds, created a pesticide-free zone for their athletic fields, and engaged their students in organic gardening.

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Chapin School Princeton Faculty Attend a Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Workshop

Some Chapin faculty had the chance to be students for the day - attending ADVIS diversity workshop with 800 fellow educators at Tower Hill School and learning from folks like Tim Wise, Julie Lythcott-Haims, and Peggy McIntosh. It was a great day of learning how we can continue to make Chapin a great place for our stu

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Chapin's 3rd Graders Receive Their iPads!

Chapin School Princeton’s 1:1 iPad program allows our students to create videos, learn how to code, write essays, design graphics, study for quizzes, annotate books, edit photos....and so much more. The iPads are not supplemental “helpers”; they are integral components of the curriculum that allow students and faculty to have a world of possibilities at their fingertips. Whether using iPads to program robots or building historic city models in the Design Lab, the iPad is a learning and creation device that allows our students to be ready for a changing world. 

This week, after much excitement and anticipation, the third graders received their iPads and are ready to start their digital learning journey.

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The Best Private School in Princeton discusses respect with students,

The Chapin C: Character

The Five Virtues


This morning, at Chapin’s first All School Meeting of the year, Mrs. Pasteris spoke about the importance of one of Chapin’s Five Virtues, Respect. This virtue can mean many things and Chapin students gave examples, such as holding the door for others and helping people down the stairs. She also brought to the stage our school leaders, Chapin’s 8th Graders (Class of 2020). They are the leaders of Chapin and the respect they show themselves and the community is a model for the younger students. 


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The Best Private School in Princeton Scores Well at Science Competition

In only our second year of competition at the New Jersey Junior Science Olympiad, with a team of students who had never competed before, Chapin School Princeton won second place in Aerodynamics, Chopper Challenge, Cool It For Today, Egg Drop, Mystery Powder, and Balloon Car Race, third place in Clay Boat and fourth place in Bottle Music, and Roller Coaster. And, in the overall competition, Chapin won third place! Congrats on all of the perseverance through hard work.

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The Best Private School in Princeton has a great community

Community is one of Chapin's three C's, and one of the best ways our community comes together is through family groups. Family groups consist of students from Pre-K Explorers through Grade Eight working together, and all of the faculty, coming together in small groups to help others, have fun, and get to know each other. This is our first family group meeting of the year and pretty soon will see Lower School students "high-fiving" their Upper School family group members as the walk through the hallway!

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The Best Private School in Princeton for Character, Curriculum, and Community

At this month's All-School Meeting, Mrs. Pasteris brought the entire 8th grade to the stage, and also invited the kindergarten and 1st grade to sit with them. Mrs. Pasteris explained the significance of the 8th graders putting their thumbprints on the Chapin C, and how that helps to show "who we are" and "what we do" at Chapin.

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Students at a private school in Princeton uses tools for success

5th graders work on a project to connect the items that surround them—erasers, notebooks, pencils—and where in the world they are manufactured. The synchronization of the work their doing and learning about the origins of their tools, including iPads, help them understand how connected we are to the whole world. 

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Chapin School Princeton Welcomes Speaker and Author Ali Michael

Chapin School faculty welcomed Ali Michael, Ph.D., to lead a workshop titled “Racial Identity Development and Dialogue, and Building Skills for Creating Inclusive Schools” in preparation for the 2018-2019 school year. Chapin School benefits by embracing our richly diverse community, which is necessary Ph.D.. Community is paramount at Chapin School. Our virtues (Respect, Responsibility, Honesty, Kindness, and Perseverance) are both the foundations of leadership, as well as the roots of our relationships.

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Chapin Choices Help Students Make Great Decisions

In Lower School Morning Meeting, Mrs. Lindsey gave a demonstration about virtues and character, showing that it’s much harder to put the toothpaste back in the tube once it’s out, just as it’s much harder to take back unkind words once they are said. Chapin practices it's Five Virtues every day, which means we learn how to put ideas like respect, responsibility, kindness, perseverance, and honesty into real-life day-to-day action. It's now always easy, but it's always worth it. 

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