On the About Us page of Chapin School Princeton’s website, we say:

"We prepare students for the world and for a future that they will create.

At Chapin, our students learn. They learn how to ask questions. They learn how to experiment. They learn how to learn."

It’s hard to imagine a better example of a student who has learned to ask questions and is ready to help create the future than Chapin 7th grader Bryan Zhao.

Before attending Chapin, Bryan attended public schools which, he felt, did not teach Asian American history in enough depth, if at all.

As he told WPIX 11: “It just felt very weird being excluded like we weren’t part of US history and that was completely wrong.”

Bryan was a vital part of a campaign to change the public school curriculum, even testifying before the New Jersey State Legislature.

At Chapin School Princeton, we teach students to process information, think critically, and, as we said before, ask questions. Our goal is not to tell a student what to believe. We guide them through the process of thinking critically about the world around them in order to make their own conclusions and form their own beliefs. This prepares them to become advocates for themselves, and most importantly, the ideals in which they believe.

Bryan wanted to make a change. As he illustrates wonderfully, Chapin students can advocate for those beliefs with intelligence, respect, and clarity.

Charge Ahead, Bryan!

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