The Libertyville Science Olympiad Tournament was held on Saturday, January 22, 2022. Chapin School Princeton students competed against 43 other schools throughout the country in 19 events. The top five finishers in each event earned awards. 

We are happy to announce the winners of our school teams:

4th place: Josephine Holler and Angela Du

Bridge (Build event)                                
3rd place: Diya Thackalapatti and Reya Thackalapatti

2nd place: Bryan Zhao and Reya Thackalapatti

Storm the Castle (Build event)              
5th place:  Varun Venkataraman and Bryan Zhao

Results for the Build event "Mousetrap Vehicle" are still pending.

The winners from the Boyceville Invitational (December 4, 2022, in which 122 schools competed) are:

5th place: Josephine Holler and Angela Du

Mousetrap Vehicle:                                
4th place: Gavin Daniell and Adham Elgammal

Congrats to everyone involved!!

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