Before Thanksgiving break, Chapin’s Robotics and Quiz Bowl teams continued to have great success in competitions. 

Chapin's Robotics Team

The Robotics team, whose members are fifth graders, competed in a virtual competition from Chapin. They worked well together, and it was evident they were enthusiastic and serious participants. For their first competition, they performed remarkably well and now plan to take their experience and build on it. A big thank you to Patrick Wade, who is guiding our budding robotics team.

Members of the 5th Grade Robotics Team

Max Bajwa

Ethan Cline

Grayson Colley

Natalia Drezek

Esme Haeberli

Tarini Jalagam

Eileen Li

Sofia Rivera

Bella Tora

Dino Vogia

James Ye

Juliet Young


Chapin's Quiz Bowl Team

Our A and B Quiz Bowl teams participated in a virtual competition that included teams from across the country.  When the evening was over, and the points were totaled, Team A made up of  Varun Venkataran (8th grade), Rehan Bhargara (8th grade), Bryan Zhao (7th grade), and Jude Leger (6th grade), finished second and based on their overall score, qualified for nationals. Throughout the day, both teams showed incredible stamina, along with  Chapin's five virtues. Mark Meyers is once again leading a group of students who feed off of his enthusiasm and positive attitude.

Chapin Quiz Bowl Teams:

Team A - Varun Venkataraman - Captain #11 scorer

Rehan Bhargava #17 scorer

Bryan Zhao #14 scorer

Jude Leger # 6 scorer

Team B - Ziya Sangha #26 scorer

Lucy Melchior #23 scorer

Brayden Collins #16 scorer

Phinneas Dunne #9 scorer


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